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Lake Lure, North Carolina

Rutherford County was formed in 1779 from the western part of the former Tryon County. It was named for Griffith Rutherford, leader of an expedition against the Cherokee in 1776 and a general in the American Revolutionary War. In 1791 parts of Rutherford County and Burke County were combined to form Buncombe County. In 1841 parts of Rutherford County and Lincoln County were combined to form Cleveland County. In 1842 additional parts of Rutherford County and Burke County were combined to form McDowell County. Finally, in 1855 parts of Rutherford County and Henderson County were combined to form Polk County.

Images of Deeds Miscellaneous Wills Probate Records Digital Images of Wills 1823 to 1833

Testators:Ace, Free | Allan, John | Baldridge, William | Bedford, Jonas | Bordin, Mary | Bourn, Joseph | Capel, Thomas | Carruth, Margaret | Champion, John | Champion, Tempia | Cherry, Robert | Collins, Watson | Collins, William | Costner, Larrance | Davis, Philip | Doggett, Richard | Eakins, Joseph | Elliott, Martin | Eskridge, Richard | Evans, Jesse | Goode, Joseph | Grayson, Rachel | Green, William | Groves, William | Guffey, James | Hall, Thomas | Hamilton, Joseph | Hamrick, Nathan | Hann, Elijah | Hardin, Abel | Harris, James | Henderson, Moses | Henson, Philip | Hill, Charles | Hill, Robert | Humphrey, William | Hyder, Benjamin | Hyder, Catharine | Jackson, David | Johnston, Henry | Jones, John | Jones, John Sr. | Kerr, William | Lankford, Nathan | Lankford, Robert | Lee, Larkin | Logan, Larkin | Massey, Benjamin | Mathis, John | Mayes, Stith | McCurry, William | McEntire, Samuel | McEntire, William | McEutin, Aaron (or McIntire) | McFleur, Arthur | McGuinn, Daniel | McMurray, Mary | Melton, Joshua | Miller, Agnes | Miller, Susanna | Mooney, Jacob | Moore, James | Morrison, John | Murray, William | Neal, John | Newton, William | Orr, Mary | Patton, Elijah | Queen, Henson | Reed, Jane | Reed, John | Richardson, Charles | Rucker, Susannah | Schroebeld, John | Scott, Letitia | Smart, William | Stewart, William | Sullens, Zachariah | Taylor, Joshua | Wade, William | Walker, John | Waldrop, Jechonias | Waldrop, Luke | Wall, John | Washburn, Gabriel | Watson, George | Wesson, James | Webb, David | West, Thomas | White, Rachel | Willis, Jacob | Wilson, James Sr. | Wilson, John Jr. | Wood, Zachariah | Wortman, Daniel (or Workman) | Young, Griffin | York, Mary Ann

Gold Mines in Rutherford County
By Jeannette Holland Austin Jeannette Holland Austin

Bechtler Mint minted over Two million in gold specie during the 1830s and 1840s. In July of 1831, Christopher Bechtler opened a metalworking shop and press where he and his sons fabricated eagle coins. The privately owned mint allowed western North Carolina miners a convenient way to bring their gold to market; however, by the time of the California Gold Rush in 1849, the Bechtler Mint discontinued its services in Rutherford County.

Bechtler Mint

Map of Rutherford County

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