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Surry County Wills and Estates

Mt. Airy, North Carolina Surry county was formed in 1771 from Rowan County. It was named for the county of Surrey in England, birthplace of William Tryon, Governor of North Carolina from 1765 to 1771. In 1777 parts of Surry County and Washington District (now Washington County, Tennessee) were combined to form Wilkes County. In 1790, the county seat was moved to from Richmond to Rockford, then finally in 1853 to Dobson, North Carolina.

Surry County Wills and other Records Available to Members of North Carolina Pioneers

Images of Surry County Wills 1771 to 1783
Testators: Angel, Charles | Armstrong, William | Baker, Michael | Blackburn, Newman | Bond, Charles | Bookman, James | Bowles, Benjamin | Charles, James | Clayton, Philip | Cook, Robert | Duncan, Marshal | Elliott, Ann | Evins, Nicholas | Fishens, Frederick | Fogler, Lawrence | Forrester, Thomas | Glen, Tyree | Glenn, James | Graves, J. | Holsome, John | Hoop, George | Howard, William | Hudspeth, John | Hudspeth, Ralph | Hudspeth, William | Jones, Abraham | Ladd, Noble Sr. | Lankford, James | Masters, Joseph | McCarrol, Nathaniel | Moster, Leonard | Phillips, Bennett | Rainwater, John | Roberts, William | Romenger, David | Seidel, Nathaniel | Sheppard, James | Skidmore, Henry | Smith, William | Varnell, Richard | Walker, Warren | Ward, Charles | Ward, Richard | Wiggins, Phillip | Zinn, Margaretha

Images of Surry County Wills 1783 to 1792
Testators: Aust, Godfrey | Baker, Christopher | Blair, Hugh | Bohannon, John | Boon, Ratliff | Bradley, Perry | Burke, James | Conway, Edward | Davis, David | Denman, Hugh | Dickerson, Griffith | Dugan, Thomas | Edelman, Peter | Edwards, Gideon | Fair, Barnaby | Fulps, George | Gerber, Michael | Gillens, Richard | Goode, Thomas Sr. | Green, Samuel | Groeber, Jacob | Haun, Margaret Barbara | Hill, William | Houser, Michael | Houzar, John | Howell, Thomas | Lanier, Robert | Lash, Jacob | Linvill, David | Logan, Patrick | Meredith, James | Milton, David | Mosby, Samuel | Nelson, Solomon | Pittel, Benjamin | Pittel, Thomas | Roberson, George | Shelton, Edward | Shelton, William | Shoemaker, Adam | Smith, Joseph | Speenhouser, Henry | Speenhouser, E. R. | Strub, John Summers, Robert | Thompson, John | Turner, Elias | Vance, Samuel | Walker, Robert | Whittier, Thomas

Miscellaneous Wills

History & Genealogy
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Six Frolicsome Young Ladies

A Mount Airy, North Carolina dispatch of August 8, 1882 related the following: "Six gay and frolicsome young ladies arrived in this place today, all rigged out and equipped for a journey on foot through the mountains of this State. The girls wear dresses even shorter than the regulation walking suit, have knap-backs strapped over their shoulders, wear road-bottomed easy shoes, dark hose, and are fixed up for comfort. They propose to take a trip on foot through all of the mountain counties of North Carolina. In their baggage they have hammocks, which will be used in case they will have to camp out at night. The trip will consume about two months, and cover a district of six or eight hundred miles. The girls are all young, the oldest probably not over 22, and the youngest 16.

Published in The Bourbon News, Millersburg, Kentucky, August 15, 1882.

Captured, but Released

Reuben Harrison volunteered for the Revolutionary War in Surry County. He was sent from Flower Gap in Surry County by Colonel Richardson Owens with a letter addressed to Colonel Benjamin Cleveland advising Cleveland when to advance upon the Tories. While on his way, he was captured by the Tories who mal-treated him and threatened to hang him. A Tory named George Roberts shook him severely to make him disclose his business, but the letter was hidden in the crown of his hat, and the Tories finally released him. Afterwards, Harrison returned safely to Flower Gap.

Map of Surry County North Carolina

Surry County, North Carolina

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