North Carolina Pioneers

Ashe Family
from The American Pioneer Series
by Jeannette Holland Austin

John Baptiste Ashe owned a large plantation on the northwest branch of the Cape Fear River in Bath County, North Carolina which he called "Ashwood". Also included was another plantation called "Turkey Point" which was located on the north side of the river; a plantation called "Stumpy Island" on Stumpy Sound, and 2,560 acres on Rockfish Creek. Ashe was doubtless the wealthiest landowner in the district. His children were well educated in Latin and Greek and sent to the best schools in Virginia to learn French. At the time of his death, his wife had already predeceased her so he ordered that a brick vault be built at Grovely and his wife's body taken up out of the earth to lie there. When Bartram's Travels was written "Ashwood" still stood because the home was eloquently described in that book and the Bartram family owned it and it later fell into Bladen County. To see more information on the Ashe family, go to North Carolina Pioneers
Georgia Genealogy
Tattnall County Wills, Guardians, etc. 1857-1862 (images)
Adamson, Dr. Henry W., LWT
Bell, Joseph J.
Blaylock, L. M.
Brewton, Nathan J.
Burkhalter, Vaughn
Coleman, Wade W.
Cowen, James
Floyd, Lewis
Green, Sarah, LWT
Holland, Dicy
Jones, Martha C.
Kennedy, Henry
Knight, James
Lawrence, William H.
Lynn, Andrew W.
McCall, Charles W., nun-cupative LWT
McNabb, Archibald
McNatt, Charles W., LWT
Michael, James F.
Odom, Robert
Pymes, William
Rogers, Joseph T.
Sharp, William M., nun-cupative LWT
Smart, Frances, LWT
Smith, Alexander L.
Stafford, Elijah, LWT
Strickland, Henry
Strickland, James F.
Strickland, James S.
Strickland, Martha
Stubbs, James S.
Surrency, Samuel D.
Thompson, Richard
Thompson, Thomas B.
Toole, William
Waters, John W.
Williams, Frances
Youman, Jane
Kentucky Genealogy
North Carolina Genealogy
South Carolina Genealogy
Bible Records
The Leonardo Andre Collection
Bell, Lancelot
Buffington, Joseph
Collins, John
Craig, James
Culpepper, Robert
Dinkins, William
Few, Benjamin F.
Glenn, James
Gordon, Alexander Gilbert
Holland, Abraham
Jenkins, Rolley
Keating, Edward
Richardson, Matthias
Yarbrough, Gilson

Rourk-Griffin of Orangeburg
Wade, Joseph Berry
Watson, William (17 pp.)
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