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Daniel Families in Europe and America

Early History of the Daniel and Daniels Families in Europe and America by Henry Dudley Teetor, M. A. (1920) has been added to It was discovered in the folder collection of the Georgia State Archives. As with most family histories, only a few copies are printed and then they seem to disappear from history. That is why this is a great find! The family name begins with Robert Danyell who departed from Scotland in 1685 and continues on with David Daniels (born 1699) whose descendants went to Medway, Massachusetts. More information in biographies and genealogies

The American Pioneer Series

is a 26-volume database of family sketches, notes and biographies of American pioneers not usually included elsewhere. To see the full set, become a member of Virginia Pioneers.Net


Bachlott, John Rudolph, son of Richard and Emily (Rudolph) Bachlott, was born in St. Mary's, Ga. (Camden Co.) on 12 Feb 1860 where he later became a merchant. His grandfather was John Bachlott, a large slaveholder and planter who also operated a large tannery. His father was a carpenter and steamboat captain before the War Between the States. Source: Memoirs of Georgia (1895), Camden Co. Sketches.

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