North Carolina Pioneers

North Carolina Pioneers

The American Pioneer Series

This is a small selection of North Carolina biographical and genealogical data found in The American Pioneer Series by Jeannette Holland Austin. To enjoy the full 29 volumes, become a member of Virginia Pioneers

Landis of Bedford County, Tennessee

By Jeannette Holland Austin
Major Absalom Lowe LandisAbsalom Lowe Landis of Bedford County, Tennessee (1823-1896), served as a Captain of the Roversville, Tennessee Guards which he organized in 1860. The unit merged into the 17th Tennessee Regt of C. S. A., of which he was a major. He was wounded at the battle of Shiloh, surrendered at Appomatox. After the war served as the director of Branch Bank in Shelbyville. Also, was a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives and State Senate. He was rather wealthy, owning and operating flour mills, cotton goods and wagon manufactories, as well as Beech Hill Plantation. He married Nancy Wingfield 27 Jun 1843. Nancy was born 20 Mar 1826 in Virginia, died 5 February 1901 in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Issue:

  1. Melissa Emma Landis (1844-1912) married 24 Sep 1862 Jacob Morton Shofner.
  2. Melville Alonzo Landis, born 12 Dec 1849, died 1915, married 21 Sep 1871, Eva G., daughter of Martin Euliss.
  3. Solon Lee Landis, born 26 Feb 1852, married 23 Oct 1873, Frances Elizabeth Dunaway.
  4. Abb Landis, born 1856, married in 1880 Mollie Ward.
  5. Sallie Neola Landis, born 10 May 1860, married 14 May 1878 Joseph Dinwiddie Biddle.
  6. Leonora Landis, born 10 Nov 1863, married 10 Nov 1885 Floyd Estill.
  7. John Tannahill Landis.
  8. Lulan Landis, born 2 Oct 1868, married 1892 Margaret Elizabeth Cullen.
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