North Carolina Pioneers

North Carolina Pioneers

The American Pioneer Series

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Poteat of Caswell County, North Carolina
By Jeannette Holland Austin

James Poteat (1809-1889) was a planter in Caswell County, North Carolina. He was married first to Isabella Roberts and second in 1855 to Julia Annise McNeill (1833-1910). Issue by the first marriage:

  1. Lindsay Poteat, died 1864.
  2. John Miles Poteat, died 1867.
  3. Elizabeth Bettie Poteat, died 1873, married George R. Lindsay.
  4. James Preston Poteat, died 1907, married Emma Moore.

    Issue by second marriage:

  5. William Louis Poteat.
  6. Ida Isabella Poteat, born 1858.
  7. Edwin McNeill Poteat, born 1860, married Haley Gordon, married second, Harriet Brittingham.
  8. Emma Lindsay Poteat (1862-1882.

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