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Religious Groups Settled Carteret County

Beaufort, North Carolina The Tuscarora Nation first occupied the land between the Neuse and Pamlico Rivers in eastern North Carolina. As early as 1706, white settlers of Huguenot, German, Scotch-Irish, French, and English descent arrived in the region from Pennsylvania and Virginia. Also, in 1721 Quakers from Rhode Island came with their church families and settled on the north side of the Newport River. However, it was the land grants which mostly helped to populate the region and build its large tobacco plantations. Beaufort, North Carolina is the third oldest town in North Carolina, but it was first named Fishtown. The first Anglican Church in Beaufort was organized in 1724 as St. Johns Parish. However, other religious denominations soon over-populated the parishioners in the English church.

The Discovery of Queen Anne's Revenge

Queen Anne's Revenge It is believe that the frigate ship of the infamous pirate Edward Teach, known as Blackbeard has been found. The vessel Queen Anne's Revenge was mentioned in some old bonds gien in Charleston, South Carolina, when testimony was given against him. The ship was discovered in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean near Beaufort, North Carolina. The vessel was originally launched by the Royal Navy of England in the year of 1710 and was used as a flagship of the pirate. Only after a year out to sea, she was captured by the French and was used as their slave ship until overtaken by pirates in 1717. Blackbeard ran the ship aground in the Beaufort Inlet of North Carolina in 1718 where his crew and supplies were transferred to smaller vessels. In 1996 Intersal, Inc., a private firm, discovered the remains of a vessel likely to be Queen Anne's Revenge, and added the find to the US National Register of Historic Places.
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North Carolina Wills

Carteret County Wills and Estates

Court House Carteret County was named for Sir George Carteret, English Lord Proprietor, or possible his heir, John Carteret, the 2nd Earl of Granville. County Seat: Beaufort, North Carolina. The county seat is Beaufort.

Carteret County Wills and other Records Available to Members of North Carolina Pioneers

Indexes to Wills

  • 1741 to 1799
  • 1741 to 1839
  • 1760 to 1880
  • 1829-1866
  • 1860-1868
  • 1898-1916

Carteret County Wills

  • Abstracts of Carteret County Wills dating from 1726 to 1770

Images of Wills 1760 to 1880

Testators: Always, Keziah; Arthur, Jacob; Arthur, Seth; Backhouse, John; Bagwell, Robert; Baker, William; Barrenton, Nathan; Bartell, John; Bell, Abigail; Bell, Abner; Bell, Caleb; Bell, David; Bell, George; Bell, James; Bell, Joseph; Bell, Malachi; Bell, Nathan; Bell, Solomon; Bell, Susan; Berkley, Aylworth; Berry, James; Biggott, John; Black, Martin; Bordeau, Benjamin; Bordeau, William; Brees, Henry; Brees, Ross; Brees, William; Brion, Nathan; Brooks, Lydia; Brown, John; Bryant, Nicholas; Buck, Francis; Canaday, Richard; Canaday, Thomas; Chadwick, James; Chapman, Joshua; Chadwick, Samuel; Church, Constance; Cooke, Esther; Davis, Joseph; Davis, Nathan; Davis, Susanne; Davis, Whittington; Davis, William; Dickinson, James; Dickinson, John; Dill, Edward; Dixon, James; Dixon, John; Dudley, Christopher; Dudley, Elizabeth; Dudley, Elizah; Dunfy, Peter; Easton, John; Eavey, Richard; Ellis, Freeman; English, Thomas; Fisher, Charity; Fuller, Belcher; Fuller, Edward; Fuller, Nathan; Gabriel, Benjamin; Garner, Frances; Garner, John; Gaskill, Joseph; Gaskill, William; Gillian, Thomas; Gilliden, Alexander; Goodwin, Lucreshia; Goodwin, Oliver; Goodwin, Thomas; Goulding, Thomas; Green, Elisha; Green, Francis; Green, Henry; Green, Samuel; Hall, Daniel; Harker, James; Harpe, John; Heady, Daniel; Hellen, Jonathan; Herbert, Hillary; Hibbs, John; Hill, Edward; Hill, Elizabeth; Hill, Isaac; Hill, Jonathan; Hill, William; Huff, Robert; Hunter, Ezekiel; Hunter, Lebbeus; Hunter, Stephen; Jackson, Francis; Lewis, Thomas; Lewis, William; Longest, Joshua; Lupton, Christopher; Marshall, John; Maulben, Samuel; May, Hannah; McKinny, Brooks; Moore, Joseph; Morgan, John; Morse, Abigail; Morse, James; Morse, Theodore; Nelson, Edmund; Nelson, Joshua; Nelson, Mary; Nelson, Robert; Nelson, William; Oglesby, John; O' Neal, Francis; O'Neil, William; Owens, William; Pigott, Oliver; Planter, John; Robinson, Allen; Robinson, Ann; Robinson, Joseph; Russell, David; Rustell, John; Sanders, Samuel; Saunders, Thomas; Savage, Robert; Shackleford, John; Shaw, John; Simpson, John; Smith, John; Smith, Thomas; Stanton, Benjamin; White, Solomon Wicker, Joseph

Images of Wills 1794 to 1818.

Testators: John Adams, Nathan Adams, Keziah Always, Capt. Benjamin Appleton, Jacob Arthur, Seth Arthur, John Backhouse, Major Denis Beaufort, William Baker, Abigail Bell, Abner Bell, Absalom Bell, Caleb Bell, David Bell, Elijah Bell, George Bell, James Bell, Joseph Bell, Josiah Bell and William Adams.

Images of Wills 1829 to 1866

Testators: Adams, Nathan; Arthur, Richard; Bell, Josiah; Bell, Sarah; Bell, Thomas; Bell, William; Bell, William (2); Biston, S. S.; Bordeau, Joseph; Chadwick, Anson; Chadwick, Ganabas; Chadwick, Mary;; Chadwick, Mathias; Chadwick, Oliver; Chadwick, Solom; Chadwick, Thaddeus; Davis, James; Davis, John; Davis, Richard; Davis, Samuel; Dickerson, David; Dickinson, Daniel; Elliott, James; Fisher, William; Games, William; Garner, Asa; Garner, Elijah; Garner, Samuel; Garner, Samuel (2); Gaskill, Anson; Gaskill, Pleasant; Gaskis, Esther; Gibble, James; Gibble, John; Gooding, Rachael; Guthrie, Frederick; Hancock, James; Harsley, Barton; Haskill, John; Haskitt, Michael; Hill, B. H.; Howard, John; Howard, John (2); Hunt, James; Jeremy, Isaiah; Jones, William; Jordan, Joseph; Lewis, William; Lupton, Allen; Mades, Rebecca; Marshall, William; Mason, Matthew; Mendell, Bridges; Merritt, John; Oglesby, Levi; Patton, Alis; Pelletier, Sarah; Pigott, Abram; Pigott, Culpepper; Pigott, David; Pigott, Elijah; Pigott, Margaret; Pigott, Mariah; Pugh, John; Robinson, Judith; Robinson, Thomas; Sikes, Abraham; Taylor, Isaac; Taylor, Joseph; Taylor, Joshua; Taylor, William; Thomas, Marcus; Tolson, Sidney; Wade, Caleb; Wade, Joseph; Ward, Avis; Wicks, Elijah; Willis, Benjamin; Willis, Britton; Willis, Daniel; Willis, Mihala; Willis, Seth; Willis, Thomas; Willis, Littleton; Willis, William

Images of Wills 1860 to 1898

Testators: Adams, John; Alexander, William; Arendell, Sarah; Beeton, Mary A. E.; Bell, Levi; Bell, Ralph; Bell, Rufus; Bell, William; Bell, William (2); Brook, Mary; Canaday, Francis; Carraway, Peter; Chadwick, Oliver; Daniels, Brian; Daniels, Jesse; Daniels, Josiah; Davis, Abram; Davis, Alexander; Davis, Charity; Davis, John; Davis, Joseph; Davis, Julius; Davis, Mary; Dickinson, Wallace; Dill, George; Doyle, Edward; Dudley, Elijah; Dudley, Stephen; Ellis, Joseph; Felton, Rosanna; Fields, Lemuel; Forbes, Edward; Foreman, Charles; Fulcher, John; Fulcher, Wallace; Gabriel, Samuel; Garner, Dexter; Garner, Francis; Geffroy, William; Gillet, Jacob; Gillikin, Rebecca; Gillickson, J.; Gooding, R.; Gray, John; Guthrie, Elijah; Guthrie, John; Hall, R.; Hamilton, Elijah; Harker, John; Harris, Matilda; Haskitt, Borden; Higgins, Wiley; Hill, Isaac; Jones, Ambrose; Jones, J. B.; Jones, John; King, Sarah; Lawrence, Watson; Leecraft, Mary; Lewis, Josephus; Lewis, Riley; Lupton, Silas; Lupton, Wilson; Markett, Frederick; Marshall, Thomas; Martin, Mary; Mason, Preston; Nelson, John; Oaksmith, Appleton; Parker, David; Perry, Benjamin; Pigott, Eliza; Pigott, Jennings; Pigott, Mary; Pigott, Sarah; River, William; Roberson, Sally; Roberts, John; Robinson, Francis; Robinson, Robert; Rumley, Rachael; Russell, Nevil; Sabiston, William; Sanders, E. W.; Sewill, Charity; Shepard, William; Small, Stephen; Stanton, Jonathan; Stewart, Oliver; Sutherland, Mary; Swindell, Elizabeth; Tagler, Sidney; Taylor, B. F.; Taylor, Timothy; Thomas, Charleston; Wade, Benjamin; Ward, Jane; Waters, Henry; Whitehurst, D. W.; Whitehurst, Rachel; Wiggins, William; Willis, Henry; Willis, Josiah; Willis, Lola; Yates, William

Images of Wills 1898 to 1916

Testators: Arthur, Martha; Bell, D. W.; Bell, Eliza; Bell, George; Bragg, James; Carson, Laura; Collins, John; Davis, J.; Davis, J. H.; Davis, Josiah; Dickinson, Daniel; Dill, E. H.; Dill, Hettie; Demis, J. T.; Duncan, J. F.; Evans, Edward; Fodric, A. J.; Fodric, John; Fodric, Mary; Franklin, Dorea; Fullord, Lewis; Gaskill, D. B.; Gaskill, Elijah; Gilbert, Leander; Goodwin, J. H.; Guthrie, Angelina; Guthrie, John; Hansfield, David; Hardesty, Elizabeth; Hartfield, Henry; Henry, Ann; Hester, Charles; Jones, Elizabeth; Jones, Major; Laffey, Edwin; Lewis, Enoch; Lupton, Joseph; Marshall, Ann; Marshall, Caroline; Marshall, James; Mason, C. N.; Mason, Francis; Mason, John; Mason, Joseph; May, Henrietta; McCall, Henrietta; Mitchell, Kendrick; Morris, John; Nelson, Henry; Nichols, Asa; Norris, John; Oglesby, Levi; Pate, Jackson; Pelletier, Edward; Pigott, Albin; Pigott, Elisha; Pigot, Jennings; Price, George; Read, Charity; Reiger, Francis; Reiger, Henry; Roberson, Mary; Roberts, Denard; Robinson, Mason; Rose, John; Rumley, Mary; Russell, John; Simmons, Christopher; Simpson, G.; Smith, Joseph; Springle, George; Stanly, J. B.; Thomas, Alonzo; Weeks, Daniel; Williams, Edward; Williams, Lucretia; Willis, David; Willis, Effriam; Willis, Henry; Willis, Martin; Willis,, Mary