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The Chowanoac Indians

Chowanoacindians When the Europeans were settling the colonies during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Chowanoac Indians occupied both banks of the Chowan River in Northeastern North Carolina. They spoke the Algonquian language which is said to mean " people at the south." Their villages and lands covered Gates, Hertford, Bertie and Chowan Counties. Their neighbors were the Iroquoian Mongoak (later Tuscarora) to the south and west of Salmon Creek in Bertie County, the Algonquian Weapemeoc were neighbors east of Rockyhock Creek in Chowan County. When Sir Walter Raleigh was colonizing from 1584 to 1590, the Chowanoac were probably the most powerful of the Carolina Algonquians. The Chowanoac took offense to English encroachment during 1666 when and violence broke out upon the settlers occupying the western side of the Chowan River. Eventually, however, as the English continued their settlements, the Chowanoac abandoned their lands west of the river. The Chowanoac were one of the tribes which ignited the rebellion of Nathaniel Bacon in 1676 but who were subdued in 1677. There were less than 200 Indians left and the Chowanoac were placed on a reservation of 12 square miles in Gates County. At the onset of the Tuscarora War of 1711 to 1713, the Chowanoac could muster only fifteen warriors to fight with the English against their historic Iroquoian neighbors to the west. It was during this era that the tribe suffered both at the hands of their enemies as well as the English which prompted the chief (John Hoyter) to petition the colonial government for protection. The result was that the tribe was reduced to six square miles, losing some of its best lands. After about a year they did not have enough people to farm the land and the tribal leaders asked the colonial government to sell 2,050 acres. They continued selling their lands during the next twenty years. By 1751 the tribe had ceased to exist. The Exiled Indians from Qualla Town Guarding the Catawba River Against the Cherokees A Trail of Tears from Murphy, NC Yeopim Indians Sold the Chowan River to the English Tuscarora Indians Wiped Out Town Creek Indian Mound Indian Troubles

The Obituary is not always published in the State where the Deceased Resided!

From The Evening State Journal in Richmond, Virginia on January 5, 1871.

" Captain Samuel Holder Hikes. Yesterday Richmond paid civic honors worthy of the occasion to the remains of one who did more than this, for he lost his own life in a daring and devoted but vain effort to rescue a friend from death when every chance was against him. The story of Capt. Samuel Holder Hikes deserves to be written in letters of gold, and perpetuated in a monument of time-enduring brass. It is brief, but all tho move brilliant on that account. Young Ross was in the same apartment with him in the Spotswood. Captain Hikes did not awake till the smoke had almost filled and choked up the narrow passages and stairways of the hotel. Of course, his first thought was to save himself; and he had forced his way through the suffocating smoke, and reached (he open air of the street, and safety; when he suddenly bethought himself of his friend who was in the same room with him in a helpless condition. He endeavored to get assistance to go back for him, but failing, despite the entreaties of those outside, who felt it to be certain death, he rushed back into the burning building to save young Ross or die with him. The Rev. Mr. Edwards, in his oration over tho dead body of this brave young man at the church yesterday evening, truthfully aud eloquently said: He has woven the garlands of immortality around less heroic deeds than that performed by our brave and noble brother. The church on Broad street was crowded, while the streets without were filled with tho people, and the funeral procession was one of the largest and most imposing of the kind that we have witnessed in this city. It was composed in the main of his brothers of that noble order, the Knights of Pythias, in carrying out one of the cardinal principles of which worthy order, their heroic brother had fallen. The funeral cortege passed down Main street, to tho solemn music of the Death March, as the shades of the evening gathered over the cily, on its way to the depot; and the people were gathered on either side of the street, and attested their grief by their respectful silence am] the sorrow fulness of their demeanor. His remains were taken by the Danville cars to the little town of Milton, in Caswell county, North Carolina, where he first saw the light, and whose history he has so brilliantly illustrated by his death. There, in its simple cemetery, will he rest, and his people will be proud to know that there is at least one hero buried in their village churchyard." Bartlett Yancey House

Poteat House

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Ask "Why?"

1886 buggyride Genealogy research is a rolling vehicle searching for facts. Because it is items such as birth, death and marriage dates which drive the integrity of the search. Another essential element to the vehicle is a clear understanding of how wars and other events were affected communities and everyday family life. Here is a good example. During the Revolutionary War, soldiers only signed up for three month periods. Now, let us ask "why?" Well, here we go. The British soldiers had landed in the port cities and were engaging at every opportunity. Frequently, it was the militia companies which assembled on a moment's notice to engage the British. The Continental Army consisted of those who enlisted for three month terms so that they could return home during planting and harvesting. Sometimes, they sent a servant or friend in their place for the three months, themselves enlisting later. These short terms added up and by 1780, most rebels had served at least one year. The longer the term, the more acreage was involved in the land grant. Applications for pensions were replete with stories of their adventures, including the names of officers and battles. Many histories are available online of the officers who served in the Revolutionary War. That information also provides a historical accounting of battles in which our ancestors participated. Likewise, one can read the pensions of Civil War Soldiers which are usually found in the State and County of enlistment. The names of officers may seem like minor details, however, they go a long way in describing the struggles of the war. A perusal of the civil war pensions for the Confederate States reveal the sad results of devastation of crops, burning of homes, and a distinct poverty within the conquered South which was still in play in 1903 when most pensions were issued. Thus, pension records are one source to learn "why." And understand.

Map of Caswell County

Caswell County Wills and Estates

Dongola Plantation Caswell County was established in 1777 and was the first county in the State. It was carved out of Orange County and was named after Richard Caswell, the first governor of the new State of North Carolina.

Caswell County Wills, Estates, Deeds 1783 to 1792

Allen, Robert | Allison, John Jr. | Anthony, John | Atkinson, John | Atkinson, Robert | Austin, William | Barker, George | Barker, James | Bass, Stephen | Baxter, Thomas | Beale, Sarah | Berry, William | Black, George | Black, Henry | Bomar, Royal | Bowles, Sarah | Brackin, Samuel | Bradley, James | Brooks, Richard | Brooks, Thomas | Brown, Samuel | Browning, Jacob | Browning, Nicholas | Bryant, Edward | Bryant, John | Buhsnoro, John | Bumpass, Edward | Bumpass, Samuel | Burch, John | Burton, Charles | Burton, Robert | Butler, Nancy | Campbell, John | Carmichal, Duncan | Carnal, Patrick | Cate, John Jr. | Cate, Joshua to William Person | Chambers, Josiah | Chambers, William | Christenbury, Aaron | Clayton, John Sr. | Clayton, Thomas | Coleman, Spillsby | Colman, John | Cooper, John | Corbin, David | Crisp, John | Crumpton, James | Culbertson, Robert | Cummins, William | Currie, John

Dalton, Isham | Davey, Gabriel | Dean, Jane | Deekins, Robert | Delahay, Arthur Dickins, Robert | Dickson, Michael | Dobbin, Hugh | Dollarhide, Ezekiel | Donaldson, Hannah | Douglass, John | Douglass, Thomas | Dowell, John | Duly, Mathew | Duncan, Daniel | Duncan, Jesse | Duncan, Miles

Enoch, Andrus | Estes, Reubin | Farley, Elizabeth | Farley, Josiah | Farley, Moses | Farley, Nathaniel | Farley, Stuart| Farqueher, James | Ferrell, Charles | Fletcher, J. A. | Fletcher, James | Flynn, Patrick | Frazier, Catherine | Fuller, Henry Sr. | Fury, Martha | Gardner, Edwin | Gerton, Benjamiin | Gibson, Mary Cooper (alias Gibson) | Glenn, William | Gold, Daniel | Goodman, Benjamin | Graves, James | Graves, John | Greene, Shadrack | Greer, Samuel Gulling, Elizabeth

Hall, David | Haman, Bazilla | Hamblin, Stephen | Haralson, Elkanah | Haralson, Ezekiel | Harris, Christopher | Harris, Tyree | Harrison, Samuel | Harrison, Thomas | Henly, Darby | Hewlett, Sarah | Hightower, Tavener to John Dobbin | Hill, James | Hissom, Thomas | Hodge, John | Holman, Richard | Howard, Francis | Hugh, Gabriel

Jamison, William | Johnson, Thomas | Johnston, Francis | Johnston, Robert | Johnston, Samuell | Jouett, Mathew Kersey, John | Landman, James | Lea, James | Lea, John | Lea, Mary | Lea, William | Leath, Freeman | Ledbetter, Joel | Lewis, Fielding | Lewis, John | Long, Ambrose | Long, Benjamin | Long, Reubin | Lowe, John Sr. | Lyons, John

Man, Davidl | Mann, John | Mann, William F. | Mann, William | Mann to Rankin | Marshall, John | Mastin, Tarpley | McIntosh, Alexander | McKeen, Hugh | Miles, Alexander | Miles, Hannah | Miles, Jacob | Miller, Alexander | Mincey, John | Mincey, Richard | Mitchell, John | Montgomery, Mary Moore, John | Moore, Moses | Moore, Stephen | Moore, William | Morris, Samuell | Morrison, Alexander | Motheral, John | Mun, William | Murphey, Archibald

Neeley, Thomas | Nipper, William | Ogletree, John | Paine, James | Paine, Robert | Palmer, Thomas Sr. | Parker, Aaron | Parker, Jonas | Parr, William | Paschal, William | Patterson, Gideon | Perkins, John | Phelps, James | Plyea, Laughlin | Pogue, Joseph | Poteete, John | Prescod, Spencer | Pryor, Elizabeth | Quiney, William

Ragsdale, John | Rainey, William | Rankin, William | Ray, Robert | Reece, James | Rice, Thomas | Richmond, John | Roberts, John | Robertson, Jacob | Robertson, John | Robertson, Samuell | Robertson, Thomas | Rose, Alexander | Rosebrough, George | Rowark, David and Elisha | Rowark, Elisha

Sanders, Daniel | Sanders, James | Sawyer, William | Scott, John | Shackleford, Francis | Shearman, James | Shelton, Benjamin | Shelton, Davidl | Shy, John | Simpson, Richard | Smith, Anne | Smith, John | Smithurst, John | Stafford, Adam | Stansbury, Solomon | Stone, William

Tate, Waddy | Taylor, Mary | Taylor, Reubin | Terry, Ollioe | Thomas, Anne to William Tunks | Thomas, Davidl | Tunks, Thomas | Turley, Moses | Van Hook, Davidl | Van Hook, Loyd | Van Hook, Thomas

Wallington, Armistead | Ward, Richard | Webb, Robert | Williams, Henry | Williams, Lewis | Williams, William | Williamson, Benjamin and Henry | Williamson, Jeremiah | Williamson, Joseph | Williamson, Stephen | Willingham, Thomas | Willison, Henry | Winstead, Ailsey Womack, John | Woody, John | Wynne, Thomas | Young, Bartlett

Caswell County Wills, Estates, Deeds 1792 to 1800

Abel, William | Adams, John | Allen, Charles | Anglin, Cornelius | Anthony, Jonathan | Anthony, Sally | Anthony, Usley

Baldwin, Henry | Barker, James | Baker, William | Barrons, Mary | Beasley, Thomas | Bolen, Isaac | Boman, Royal | Booker, William | Boulson, Thomas | Boulter, Charles Jr. | Bowers, Bartholomew | Boyd, William Sr. | Brooks, Christopher Williams | Brooks, Richard | Brooks, Thomas | Brown, John | Brown, Joseph | Brown, Sarah | Bruce, Robert | Bullis, Samuell | Burch, William | Burford, Benjamin | Burris, Mary | Burton, Andrew | Burton, James | Burton, John | Burton, orphans | Burton, Robert

Campbell, John | Carlos, Archibald | Carrol, William | Carter, Jesse | Cochran, Alexander | Connally, John and Charles | Crisp, John | Croset, John

Davis, George Allen | Davis, Henry | Dickey, Daniel | Dixon, Charles | Dixon, Henry | Dixon, Martha Dixon, Robert | Dixon, Roger | Dixon, Tilman | Dobbin, Ann | Dobbin, Hugh | Dobbin, Rachael | Duncan, Daniel | Durham, Nathaniel

Elam, Barkley | Enoch, Andrew | Enoch, Benjamin | Enoch, Davidl | Enoch, Elizabeth | Enoch, Mary | Fanning, Hezekiah | Farley, Catharine | Farley, George | Farley, John J. | Farley, Stewart

Gelaspy, Ann | Gibson, Mary | Gillespie, William | Glashy, William | Grant, John | Grant, Neely | Graves, Azariah | Graves, Thomas | Green, Samuell | Gunn, Thomas

Haggard, Edmond | Hall, Judith, mother of Champness Hall | Hamblett, Richard | Haralson, Elkanah, orphans | Haralson, Nathaniel | Harrilson, Elijah | Harrison, John | Harrison, Thomas | Harriss, Christopher | Harris, Robert | Harris, Tyree | Hart, Davidl | Hart, Nathaniel | Hart, orphans | Hatcher, William | Hensler, William | Hepworth, John | Hightower, Charnal Hodge, John | Hogg, Gideon | Hornbuckle, Thomas | Hughes, John

Ingram, James | Ingram, Parnall Israel, Matthew | Johnston, John | Johnston, Samuell | Jouette, Elizabeth | Jouette, Washington | Kincher, Peggy | Knight, Joseph W.

Lay, Martha | Lay, Peter | Lay, Widdow | Lea, Gabriel | Lea, James | Leath, Charles | Leath, Freeman | Long, James

Mains, Matthew | Maler, Jacob Jr. | Mallory, John Sr. | Martin, James | Mason, Davidl | McIntosh, William | Meliar, John | Merrett, James Miles, Alexander | Mills, Edward | Mills, Jane | Mitchell, William | Montgomery, Michael | Moore, orphans | Moore, Elizabeth | Moore, John, estate | Moore, Mary, orphan | Moore, Mary Anderson | Moore, William | Morgan, William | Morton, Mesheck | Mullins, Jean | Mullins, John

Nicholson, Michael | Norman, Elizabeth | Otwell, William | Parks, Robert | Perkins, Abram | Perkins, John Jr. | Perkins, Pleasant | Perkins, Sally | Poole, Micajah | Porter, Davidl | Poston, Jeremiah Powell, John Quine, William

Rainey, William | Randolph, James | Ray, James | Reed, George | Rice, Hezekiah Rice, John | Rice, Thomas | Richardson, Moses | Richmond, Matthew | Roan, James | Rose, Alexander

Samuel, Anthony | Samuel, Archibald | Sanders, Abram | Scott, John | Seddall, John | Shackelford, Francis | Shearman, John | Shelton, Benjamin | Shy, John | Simmons, Thomas | Simpson, Mary | Slade, Thomas | Smith, James | Smith, Peter | Stephens, Boler | Summers, John

Tate, Ann | Tate, Waddy | Thomas, John | Thomas, William | Thornton, Peter | Van Hook, Thomas

Walker, Samuel | Wall, Buckner | Ware, William | Waters, Joseph | Wattington, Paul | Williams, Duke | Williams, Henry | Williams, Joseph | Williamson, James | Willson, William to Adam Landers | Wilson, Thomas | Windsor, John | Wisdom, Latkin | Womack, Abraham | Womack, John | Yates, James | Yates, John

Caswell County Wills, Estates, Deeds 1777 to 1783

Atkinson, John | Barnett, Robert | Brooks, Christopher | Brown, Isaac | Bumpass, Edward | Bumpass, Robert | Burton, Charles | Burton, Noel

Carman, John | Carter, Benjamin | Cartin, Richard | Cate, John | Clarke, Robert | Cochran, Abraham | Coleman, Alexander | Corder, William | Currie, James

Deweese, Jonathan | Dickson, Michael | Dix, James | Dixon, Charles | Dixon, Henry | Dixon, Henry, Lt. Colonel | Dobbin, Alexander | Dobbin, Hugh | Donaldson, Humphrey | Douglass, Thomas | Duncan, Daniel | Duty, Matthew

Edwell, Henry | Farley, Josiah | Farley, Moses | Farmer, Samuel | Frazer, John | Fuller, Nehemiah

Gatewood, Ambrose | Galseby, Alexander | Garrett, John | George, Sarah | Gibson, Andrew | Gibson, Anthony | Gold, Ephraim | Goodman, Benjamin | Grayham, James | Grayham, Robert | Gunn, John

Hamilton, Stephen | Haralson, Elkanah | Haralson, Ezekiel | Haralson, Nathaniel | Harris, John | Harrison, Elling | Hatchet, Timothy | Hayne, Richard | Hays, John | Hopper, Thomas | Huston, Robert

Irvin, John | Jesse, Henry | Johnston, John | Jones, Jesse | Jouett, Jonathan | Jouett, Mathew | Kellow, William | Kimbrow, Thomas | Lea, John | Logue, Ephraim

Mabery, Joseph | Mains, Mathew | Mawell, Mary | McDonald, Duncan | McFarland, Robert | Mitchel, David | Moore, Alexander | Moore, John | Moore, Robert | Moore, William | Moore, William to Robert Payne | Morris, Mathew | Muirhead, Claude

Neeley, William | Neill, Thomas | Nowell, Joel | Rainey, George | Rider, Benjamin | Robertson, Jacob | Robertson, Thomas | Robinson, David | Robinson, James Sr.| Robinson, Thomas

Samuel, Anthony | Sanders, James | Sargent, Joseph | Scott, John | Smith, George | Smith, John | Smith, Robert to William Glenn | Smithey, Nancy | Spencer, Thomas | Stansbury, Samuel | Starkey, Jonathan | Stinson, Alexander | Stokes, Susannah | Stringer, Edward | Stuart, James

Tapley, Hosea | Terry, James | West, James | Wilkerson, Douglass | Wilkinson, Samuel | Williams, Daniel | Williams, James | Winstead, Irwin | Winstead, Samuel | Womack, John | Yates, John

Caswell County Wills and other Records Available to Members of North Carolina Pioneers

Indexes to Wills, Estates, Deeds

  • 1777 to 1783
  • 1783 to 1791
  • 1792 to 1800

Taxable Property

  • 1783 (Inhabitants)
  • 1787 to 1789
  • 1790 (and Fines)
  • 1792 to 1793
  • 1794 (and Accounting)
  • 1795
  • 1797

Accountings of Estates

  • Oct 1796 Court
  • Jan and July 1799 Court
  • Jan and July 1800 Court

Miscellaneous Records

  • Caswell County Deeds (trancribed)
  • Browning, John, 1782 deed from the State of North Carolina Plat of Yanceyville (1839)