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Invisible Time

Genealogy Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

outer space Let us face it; we have fleeting memories of a past which are only visible to our thoughts. Yet, we can scarcely remember people or events from childhood days. Although it may seem as though we are speeding though a time which is invisible, we are just now beginning to understand it. And, as we advance forward in technology, what is becoming invisible is physical effort as everything is digitized and swept away with the click of a button. One no longer has to "handle" pesty items such as bills and bank balances. We seldom attend the US Post Office. Email is here to stay and too convenient to dispose of. Also, shopping online is easier and faster. I was recently presented with a DeeBot from my grandchildren. Why, oh why, did we ever use the noisy contraption of a vacuum cleaner or build it into the wall for what we thought was convenience? Ha! DeeBot quietly does it job without interferring with mine. I am seeing the digital world as part of my own reality and can envision a robot labor force and more. Back to invisible time. A glance in the mirror at our aging faces confirms that time is moving forward and that the physical body will not tick on forever. But the world of Zuckerberg, Google and Amazon will because theirs is an invention which touches upon a lasting commodity, the work force. We are sampling it today. In a real sense this generation may be the first to assign their "thinking processes" to robotic-actors. Something to think about, huh?

Red Flags. Protecting Genealogy from the Data Grabbers

stove pipe hat The one thing which has always been troublesome to the genealogist, is paperwork and filing cabinets. That element of research is improving, however, through the use of the Internet. But what if we put our family tree on a website, and that website is hacked, fails or goes under? Thus, one must still maintain independent copies of all their work. Data is king. After the Zuckerberg hearings, we should have some understanding of the fact that our data is being transported by bots, and sold. Then, it is used to sell us something. Little bots which seem to know us creep onto our screen everywhere. And this technology is expanding all over the world. We can no longer maintain privacy in our lives. So, what to do? Here are a few ideas. Look for websites which do not collect your credit card information. Georgia Pioneers does not have a record of credit cards of any type. Instead, it uses and Paypal, which are highly regulated and data-protected companies. This helps to protect the website against hacking. The family trees being used on member websites have their issues if the computerized versions merge family members. Example, if the computer sees more data of a person on your tree, it will add members of the family, trace it forward, etc. with data that is not yours. Also, the fact that someone else traced it, does not make it so. The most reliable research is your own. For this reason, it is best to maintain a private tree on the home computer. Also, one should determine if the website is foreign-owned, and whether it has huge debt figures. That is a red flag. As the world speeds forward with digitization and data sharing, we should avoid possible pitfalls. After all, years of research in the field is too good to lose online somewhere.

The Catawba Grape

Catawba Grape The origins of the Catawba grape is believed to have been cultivated by native tribes along the river and territory occupied by the Catawba Indians. It is certainly one of the first native American grapes used in wine production and during the early 19th century was a popular grape for the wine industry. The fruit is agreeable to the palate, for jam, jelly or juice. Probably the most remembered is Nicholas Longworth of Cincinnati who founded the first successful winery in America. Longworth purchased Catawba cuttings and planted a vineyard along the Ohio River. Longworth accidentally stumbled upon the sparkling wine production similar to the wines of Champagne. During the 1830s and 1850s, the Longworth sparkling Catawba was being distributed from California to Europe.

Map of Catawba North Carolina

Lake Catawba

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German Names were Anglicized

Genealogy Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

Genealogy Books by Jeannette Holland Austin As we research names, we should include all the spellings and possible variables. It is believed that the largest groups of immigrants to come to America were from the German palatinate along the Rhine River. Many German names were anglicized, or made into English form or character. An example is the English equivalent of Juan is John. The long surnames including umlauts (a mark used as a vowel and were two dots over a letter). German surnames are simple words, really. Like Mr. Schwartz is anglicized to Mr. Black.


Genealogy Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

Genealogy Books by Jeannette Holland Austin A long time ago, people from Scandinavian countries use a patronym which was based on the given name of a father or grandfather. When it was the mother, the term is matronymic. So, the ancestors of Skeds, the son of Vold, ultimately became a surname, Skedsvold. Anders, the son of Sen, became Andersen. And so on. Thus, while searching the ancient families, it is a good idea to review the familiar characters of certain families and research the meaning as well as the possibility of your particular ancestor's name fitting in there somewhere. A study of ancient names is certainly indicated.

The Clan Names of Mac or Mc

Genealogy Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

Genealogy Books by Jeannette Holland Austin Clan names usually began with Mac. It was not until after the Scots had been in America for one or two generations that they adopted the character Mc. Thus, generally speaking, one should search in Scotland and Ireland for the Mac. Large Mac clans ruled Scotland for generations. That is, until bonny Prince Charles (Stuart) found himself exiled by the English monarchy. From then on, the clans suffered persecution from English Lords. They certainly fell into poverty after the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 (or the War of the British succession) when Scotland lost its right to rule.

Catawba County Wills and Estates

Lake CatawbaCatawba County, North Carolina was established from Lincoln County in 1842 and was named after the Catawba Indians who settled the area. During the 1700s, however, German Lutheran farmers brought in their families to set down roots for subsequent generations. Some of the earliest settlers were the Sherrills, Sigmans, Clines, Bost, Yoder, Yount, Fulbright, Robinson, Whitener, Ramsour and Hawn families. The county seat is Newton, North Carolina.

Catawba Wills and Probate Records available to members of North Carolina Pioneers

Indexes to Wills

  • 1843 to 1868 ; 1868 to 1892; 1892 to 1907

Images of Wills 1843 to 1868

Abernathy, John | Abernathy, John D. | Abernathy, Robert | Abernathy, Samuel | Angel, Catharine Baker, Philip | Bargee, John | Barns, John | Barkley, Archibald C. | Barringer, H. A. | Bavey, William | Bellenger, L. | Bobb, Adam | Bost, Adolphus | Bost, Jonathan | Bost, L. E. | Brown, Joseph | Boyles, John | Braun, Thompson | Bridges, E. L. | Brindle, David | Brindle, William T. | Caldwell, John | Campbell, John | Carpenter, Joseph | Clay, Elizabeth | Cline, Barbra | Cline, Barnet | Cline, David | Cline, Henry | Cline, Susanah | Coburl, John | Coleman, Littleton W. | Connor, Cornelius | Cook, Elisha | Cook, Margaret | Cooper, Lydia | Cornelius, James | Coulter, Marlin | Deal, John | Deal, Miles | Deal, William S. | Deitz, Christian F. | Dellinger, Barbara | Dillon, Elizabeth | Drum, John | Earney, John | Edwards, John | Edwards, John W. | Ekard, Eli | Ferguson, Daniel | Finger, Daniel | Fish, Bryant | Flowers, Joseph | Francburg, Miles | Fraser, H. Y. | Fry, Catharine | Fry, John | Frye, Jonas A. | Fulbright, Elizabeth Gaither, J. S. | Gant, Theophilus | Greer, James | Gross, Adam | Hager, William | Haun, Anna Mary | Hawn, A. A. | Hawn, Frederick | Hawn, John | Hefner, Henry | Hefner, Jacob | Helderman, George C. | Herman, Barbara | Herman, George | Herman, Peter | Hettrick, Philip | Hill, Jacob | Hoke, Frederick | Hoke, Rebecca | Holdsclaw, James | Holdsclaw, Moses | Holdsclaw, Ruth | Hoss, Robert | Houston, Asenath | Houston, James M. M. | Howard, Georgia | Hudson, Daniel | Huffman, George | Huffman, Henry W. | Huffman, Joseph | Huit, Ambrose M. | Humsaker, Christian Isenhower, Joseph | Jackson, Margaret | Kale, Elisha | Kale, Ephraim | Kellar, Martin | Keller, Peter | Kibler, Michael | Killian, Noah W. Lantz, Jacob | Laurance, J. M. | Lawrence, Carlos E. | Lax, Moses | Lee, Reubin | Leonard, Daniel | Linebarger, Martin | Linn, Mary | Litten, Wesley | Little, James | Loftin, Susannah | Loretz, Eliza | Lowe, F. S. | Lowrance, Isaac | Lukes, Jacob | McCorkle, Alexander | McCorkle, Francis | McCorkle, W. S. | McHorde, Matthew | Miller, Adam | Miller, Ambrose | Miller, Daniel | Miller, Fanny | Miller, Frederick | Milligan, Rebecca | Mitchel, W. S. | Moore, James | Mull, Ezra | Norris, John | Norris, Jane | Null, Daniel | Null, Margaret | Peek, Cyrus | Pope, William | Rader, Caleb } Ramsour, David J. | Ramsour, John | Ramsour, Solomon | Rankin, William | Ray, John | Reed, Cyrus | Reed, James | Reinhardt, George | Rinck, Andrew | Robinson, David | Robinson, David S. | Robinson, Isaac | Robinson, Jethro | Robinson, John | Rowe, Joseph H. | Rowe, Peter | Rudisill, Manns H. | Rudisill, Philip | Rudisille, Michael Scarborough, Edward Setzer, George | Shell, Solomon | Sherril, Adam | Sherril, Mary | Sherill, Sarah | Sherrill, Abram | Sherrill, Elam A. | Sherrill, Hiram | Sherrill, Jeptha | Sherrill, John | Sherrill, Joshua | Sherrill, Lawson L. | Sherrill, Mahala | Sherrill, Nancy | Sherrill, Reubin | Sherrill, Rhennah | Sherrill, Wesley | Sherrill, W. P. | Shuford, Jacob | Sigman, Barbara | Sigman, George H. | Sigman, George Philip | Sigman, George Sr. | Sigman, Jethro | Sigman, Mary | Sigman, Polly | Sigman, Susan | Simman, Daniel | Sipe, Jacob | Sitton, William | Sitzer, John | Skerd, George | Smith, Abraham | Smith, John Sr. | Smith, Moses | Smyer, Logan Q. | Sterns, Mary | Stine, Catharine | Sullivan, Margaret Turner, James | Ward, Conrad | Weaver, Conrad | Weaver, David H. | Web, Mary Ann | Whisenhurst, John | Whitener, Andrew M. | Whitener, Daniel | Whitener, Jesse R. | Whitman, John B. | Whitmer, Henry | Wilkinson, James | Wilson, Andrew | Wilson, Elizabeth | Wilson, James | Wilson, John | Wilson, Joseph | Wilson, Margaret | Wilson, Nathaniel | Witherspoon, Thomas | Yoder, David | Yoder, Elizabeth, Sarah, Frances | Yount, Ann | Yount, E. L. | Yount, John

Images of Catawba County Wills 1868 to 1897

Abernathy, Albert | Abernathy, Barbara | Abernathy, David | Abernathy, Miles | Abernathy, Miles S. | Abernathy, Robert | Allen, John | Anthony, Paul | Baker, David | Baker, G. H. | Baker, Henry | Bandy, Christina | Banney, Catharine V. R. | Barrenger, David | Beattie, Franklin | Beatly, Thomas | Bell, C. G., Mrs. | Bolch, Daniel | Bolcle, Andrew | Bolick, Rebecca | Bolick, Salina | Bost, Jonas | Bost, Joseph | Bost, Joseph (2) | Boyd, John | Bradley, Martha J. | Brady, Elbert | Bridges, Alfred | Brindle, Elizabeth | Burns, Philip Caldwell, F. | Caldwell, Henderson C. | Caldwell, William | Campbell, John D. | Cansler, John | Chapman, Nancy M. | Chapman, W. L. | Childress, Miles | Cline, Ephraim | Cline, Henry | Cline, William | Cloninger, Thomas | Coons, Adam | Cornelius, Austin | Coulter, E. P. | Cranford, Wilson | Crisman, Bettie Ann | Cronkleton, James Deal, Jonas | Dormer, Alexander | Drum, Barbara | Drum, Joshua L. | Drum, Mary | Ductar, Christian | Eckard, Barbary | Ekart, Solomon | Eller, Jeremiah | Ellis, James R. | Ervin, John B. | Finger, Daniel | Fish, Sidney | Fish, Susan | Fisher, Ann | Fisher, Joseph | Fisher, Solomon | Fox, David | Frazier, Hugh | Fry, Lawson | Fry, Marcus | Fry, Moses | Fry, Solomon | Fulbright, Catharine Fulbright, Joseph Gant, Jesse | Gant, Sally | Gilbert, Andrew | Gilleland, Thomas | Goble, Lewis | Goodson, Miles | Graham, Stephen | Gross, Anna Harris, Elizabeth | Harris, Elizabeth B. | Hartzoge, John | Harwell, Elsie | Harwell, James | Hawn, David | Hawn, Henry | Hawn, Moses | Heffner, William | Hefner, Solomon | Helton, Robert | Henderson, C. C. | Henkel, P. C. | Herbeson, Mary | Herman, Ephraim | Herman, John | Herman, Sallie M. | Hewit, William | Holdsclaw, John | Houston, Ann Virginia Lafayett | Houston, Robert B. B. | Howard, Ann | Howard, Freeman | Howard, William | Hoyle, Elizabeth D. | Hudson, Daniel | Huffman, Elijah | Huffman, George | Huffman, Jacob | Huffner, John | Hunsucker, David and Mary | Hunsucker, Joseph | Hunsucker, L. H. Hurt, Moses M. Ikerd, G. A. | Isenhour, Margaret | James, James | James, Mary M. | Jarrett, Mary | Jarrett, Samuel | Jones, Johnson M. Kale, Alanson | Kale, Nancy | Kenner, Daniel | Keaver, James | Keever, Sally Ann | Keller, Peter | Killian, Frederick | Killian, John Lenoir, Walter W. | Link, Michael | Lipe, John | Little, Daniel | Little, Jacob | Litten, H. P. | Loftin, James L. | Long, Rosanna C. | Lowrance, Caney M. | Lowrance, D. S. | Lowrance, Emeline | Luckey, Jane | Lutta, A. M. | Lutz, Jacob McAdams, William B. | McCaslin, Mathew | McCaul, Bedice | McCorkle, Elizabethl | McKnight, Joseph | Mehaffey, William L. | Miller, David | Miller, Jesse | Minges, Conrad | Moore, Alexander | Mostiller, Jacob | Mostiller, John | Mouser, Frederick | Munday, Joseph M. | Murphy, James | Murrill, John F. | Nangle, Sylvanus | Null, John Peterson, John | Propst, Jane M. Propst Rhoda L. Rader, Daniel | Ramsour, Elisha Reitzel, Christian Rhoney, James | Rhoney, John G. | Robinson, Benjamin | Robinson, Froney | Robinson, Henry W. | Robinson, Mary M. | Roseman, Daniel | Sapoch, Mary | Seats, John R. | Setzer, George | Setzer, Jacob | Setzer, Malinda | Shelton, David W. | Sherrill, Absa | Sherrill, Margaret, Mrs. | Sherrill, Miles | Sherrill, Sarah, Mrs. | Shook, Adam | Shook, Henry | Shook, Mary | Shuford, Andrew H. | Shuford, Elvin E. | Shuford, Jacob H. | Sigman, Abel | Sigman, Jacob J. | Sigman, Marcus Lafayette | Stiles, William | Smyre, Daniel | Smyre, Elias | Speagle, David | Starr, Eli | Summer, John | Summerow, Noah Turner, Leah Malinda | Ward, John | Warlick, Catharine A. | Warlick, David E. | Warlick, Peter | Weaver, Absalom | Weves, Adam | Whisenhunt, Daniel | Whitener, Betsey | Whitener, Dan B. | Whitener, Eliza | Whitener, George | Whitener, Joseph | Whitener, Moses | Wike, Delilah | Wike, J. A. | Wilfong, B. E. L. | Wilfong, John | Wilkinson, G. M. | Wilkinson, Letisha | Wilson, J. G. | Wilson, Joseph A. | Wilson, Lysander | Wilson, Mathew | Woodford, Sarah W. | Yoder, Elizabethl | Yoder, Francis | Yoder, Marcus | Yoder, Michael | Yount, Ephraim | Young, J. H. A. | Yount, Noah | Yount, P. L.

Images of Catawba County Wills 1892 to 1907

Abernathy, A. F. | Abernathy, Joe | Abernathy, Osburn | Barringer, Noah | Ballard, Fannie | Bandy, William | Barkley, Robert | Beard, James | Bernheim, H. H. | Bolch, Sally | Bolick, Jane | Bollick, May Ann | Bost, Jesse | Bournwell, James | Boyd, Marcus T. | Brady, George A. | Brims, J. H. | Brotherton, Hugh | Brown, Anderson A. | Brown, Calvin | Brown, James | Brown, J. G. | Burns, Eli | Butler, M. E. | Bynum, George

Caldwell, A. J. | Caldwell, Levi J. | Cansler, G. W. and J. E. | Carpenter, D. W. | Carpenter, Jacob | Carpenter, John | Clapp, J. C. | Clark, Alexander | Cline, Ann Mary | Cline, Betty Ann | Cline, Dinah R. | Cline, Franklin | Cline, George | Cloninger, Noah | Cobb, William Rufus | Conner, Elizabethl | Cook, Polly | Cook, Sophia | Cook, William | Corpengrang, Albert | Cunningham, John W.

Deitz, Henry C. | Deitz, Lazarus | Dellinger, Archibald C. | Drum, S. Peter | Edwards, James L. | Edwards, Miles | Edwards, Robert P. | Elliott, E. O. | Elliott, E. O. (1892) | Ervin, Thomas H.

Finger, J. F. | Finger, Sarah Rhyne | Finger, S. M. | Fisher, Simpson | Flemming, Fannie Read | Flemming, Rebecca Millie | Forney, H. A. | Fox, Sallie | Fry, Abel | Fry, Jacob | Fry, Marcus L. | Fulbright, Elizabethl

Gabriel, J. M. | Gabriel, M. M. | Gall,Christian C. | Gantt, Evan | Gilleland, Camila | Green, Perceda | Haithcock, Eaton | Hamilton, H. C. | Hartman, Catherine | Hawn, Anna P. | Hawn, Daniel | Hawn, Jesse | Hawn, John Sr. | Hawn, Jonas | Hawn, Jonas (1898) | Hefner, Daniel | Hefner, Polly | Herman, Elijah | Herman, Frank L. | Hicks, Miles | Hickson, Edward | Hildebrand, P. M. | Hoke, David R. | Hoke, F. A. | Holderman, Frances | Holler, Andrew | Hoover, Adolphus | Houk, Harrison | Huffman, Davidson C. | Huston, Alexander Hamilton

Isaac, Levi | James, Lee L. | Jones, William E. | Joseph, Charles | Kale, Logan L. | Kale, Loranzia | Kanipe, Ellen J. | Keever, Wheeler M. | Killian, Harriett C. | Killian, Jesse | Killian, L. S. | Lair, Polly | Lineberger, Frederick H. | Lineburger, H. H. | Lore, Andrew | Lutz, Daniel A. | Lutz, Laban

Marshall, Gabriel | Mason, Alice Pegram | Mauney, William Pinkney | McCaul, Peter Grundie | McCorkle, John Macon | McCorkle, Mathew Locke | McKenzie, R. M.| Mead, Edwin H. | Miller, Catharine Barbary | Miller, J. F. M. | Miller, Joel | Miller, Julian | Miller, Martha S. | Moore, Joseph H. | Moser, George H. | Mosteller, Harriet | Mosteller, Luther | Mullen, Arthur | Munday, J. S. | Murray, C. W.

Parke, Hervey C. | Propst, Absalom | Propst, Mary Magdalene | Propst, Rebecca | Raby, W. M. R. | Ramsay, J. Alston | Reinhardt, John J. | Reinhardt, William R. | Rhodes, Caleb | Rhoney, William | Rhyne, Susan C. | Rinck, Ephraim | Robinson, John W. | Robinson, L. D. | Robinson, Manuel | Rockett, John R. | Rowe, D. L. | Rowe, John Dallas | Rowe, Linnie L. | Royster, O. M. | Rudisill, Barbara Eliza | Rudisill, Fannie L. | Rudisill, J. F. | Rufty, M.

Seaboch, Jacob A. | Seagle, Thomas J. | Seitz, Abel | Seitz, Clarisa | Setzer, Reuben | Sherrill, Elitha | Sherrill, I. Newton | Sherrill, J. A. | Sherrill, Susan E. | Shipp, R. J. | Shuford, Macon H. | Sigman, Aaron Y. | Sigman, Amon | Sigman, Rhoda C. | Smyer, W. A. | Starr, Catherine | Stiles, Susan | Stine, A. J. | Stirewall, Emeline | Suttlemyre, Harvel S.

Travis, Levi T. | Tucker, Fannie S. | Walker, Martha J. | Wezen, Carl J. | White, William Pinkney | Whitener, A. J. | Whitener, Benjamin F. | Whitener, Eli | Whitener, Hosea | Whiteside, Eleanor | Whitener, John | Whitener, Laban S. | Whitener, Mary C. | Wiggs, Lucy J. | Wike, Mary C. | Williams, Martha S. | Williams, William | Wilson, Elizabeth S. | Wilson, John E. | Wilson, Marcus M. | Winebarger, Martha Ann | Witherspoon, Joseph A. | Wood, Alexander Austin | Wood, Joseph L.

Yoder, Annie | Yount, Andrew | Yount, Cynthia | Yount, Jemima | Yount, Lana, Mrs. | Yount, Lawson H. | Yount, Leah | Yount, Margaret R.| Young, C. E.