North Carolina Pioneers
Genealogy Records

Images of Wills and Estates 1869 to 1918, Volume 1

Anderson, S. D.; Atkinson, Edward; Baker, Virginia; Bailey, Hattie; Ballen, Enoch; Bell, Sarah; Blumenthal, Gustave; Blumenthal, Gustave M.; Bragg, Caleb; Brindle, John; Bryson, N. A.; Cline, Emeline; Coleman, Calvin; Coleman, Ella; Collett, Hugh; Colvard, Eliza; Colvard, William; Cooper, J. W.; Cooper, Robert L.; Cover, F. P.; Conner, Alfred; Derryberry, R. N.; Dickey, George W.; Dickey, J. M.; Dockery, John; Eves, John; Fay, Green; Franks, J. D.; Friedlander, Cary; Gibson, R. B.; Gould, Nutcomb; Griffin, John; Hall, R. P.; Hall, S. H.; Hammond, William H.; Hampton, George W.; Hancock, Sarah; Hayes, Samuel; Henly, John; Henry, Elizabeth; Herndon, J. W.; Hitchcock, Charles W.; Hitchcock, Martha; Hitchcock, Martha (2); Hogsed, Jason; Holland, Elizabeth; Hubbard, Zenos; Hughs, Samuel Jr.; Huskins, James; James, Victoria; James, Elizabeth; Jenkins, William; Kendall, Francis; Kendall, Francis (2); Kimsey, Ebenezer; Kincaid, E. P.; Kincaid, E. P. (2); Kisselburg, Sarah; Laden, Edward; Ledford, Ada; Ledford, C.; Ledford, H. W.; Lenoir, Isaac Thomas; Lissak, D. S.; Loudermilk, Jacob; Lowrance, Jason; Manney, Nelson; Marshall, T.; Martin, W. P.; Mauny, Isaac; McAden, Giles; McAden, Mary; McAden, R. Y.; McAdenbaker, Virginia; McSellards, W. R.; Meroney, J. S. Sr.; Merony, Martha; Mitton, Elias; Moody, James; Moss, Celia; Moss, Henry; Odell, D. W.; Parke, Martin; Parker, Stephen; Patterson, J. T.; Percy, J. W. C.; Phillips, Wiley; Radford, James; Reed, Robert; Roberts, J. E.; Roberts, Reason; Robinson, Samuel; Rogers, Ancil; Rogers, Clark T.; Rogers, H. W.; Rogers, William; Simpson, Virginia B. Y.; Stalcup, Jesse R.; Stalcup, Peter; Stalcup, Thomas; Stanly, John A.; Stiles, John; Suddeth, A. H.; Suddeth, John; Swepson, George W.; Tattum, J. W.; Taylor, David; Taylor, Earl J.; Taylor, James; Thompson, James; Tilson, Joseph; Truett, Elijah and Isaac; Walker, Elvira; Walker, W. P.; Warlick, Irene; Watts, D. L.; Watts, Hezekiah; Welch, L. R.; West, James M.; Whitaker, David; Whitaker, James; Whitaker, Jesse; Whitcomb, W. P.; Winsat, Earnest; Woodfine, John;

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Map of Cherokee County North Carolina

Images of Wills and Estates 1918 to 1934, Volume 2

Abbott, James David; Allen, H. H.; Anderson, Letha; Baker, A. L.; Barring, William Caloway; Battle, Westray; Baxter, Joanna; Blumenthal, Matilda M.; Briscoe, Daniel; Bruce, W. L.; Bryson, J. K.; Burger, A. J. and Lyda; Burger, A. J.; Burger, G. F.; Caldwell, Leland; Carringer, A. M.; Carringer, Thelma; Carroll, Jesse R.; Carter, Nathan A.; Carter, F. R.; Clary, E. G.; Clayton, E. M.; Collett, George H.; Collet, R. W.; Colvard, Robert L.; Cooper, W. N.; Cotter, A. J.; Cozard, M. E.; Cozard, Margaret; Cromwell, M. P., Mrs.; Dargan, Mary Elizabeth; Deaderick, Mary Green; Dickey, Thomas C.; Dillard, John; Dockery, Benjamin; Dockery, J. P.; Dockery, Martha; Duvor, Alice G., Mrs.; Ellis, T. J.; Fain, John E.; Fain, William L.; Freeman, S.; Fricks, Harriett; Fulmer, Nancy Hayes; Gibson, E. A., Mrs.; Graham, James; Griffith, William Henry; Hamby, Hezekiah Thurman; Hamby, J. M.; Harden, William; Harris, M. W.; Hayes, Anna L.; Hirshman, Solomon W.; Holland, Daniel C.; Holloway, Carry; Hood, Martha L.; Hughes, W. S.; James, Emeline Parker; Jenkins, W. M.; Jones, Dora; King, S. E.; Leatherwood, Sarah Addie; Ledford, B. M.; Ledford, C. L.; Ledford, H. W.; Ledford, Lenos; Ledford, W. W.; Lovingood, Mary Jane; Lunsford, John; Luther, George; Marcus, Julius; Martin, Betty; Mashburn, W. N.; Mason, Sary; McAden, James T.; McKinney, Bose C.; McLelland, J. P.; McMillan, William; Messer, Mary Elizabeth; Miller, Edward Simpson; Mingus, Adelaid; Morgan, Alfred; Morrison, T. S.; Nelson, Emma; Nichols, Dora; Olmsted, Victor; Owen, J. L.; Palmer, Jacob W.; Piercy, Robert; Poteet, W. H.; Prince, Martin; Rector, John; Rogers, J. R.; Smith, A. B.; Smith, Addison Baxter; Smith, Cynthy; Smith, Martha S.; Sneed, Sarah; Stalcup, J. H.; Stiles, Julius; Stiles, Mamie; Swan, David; Tatham, Mary Jo; Taylor, John M. Jr., son of James Taylor, deceased; Terrell, Thompson; Terrell, Thompson A.; Vaughn, J. M.; Voyles, Mary; Waldo, Frank; Walker, W. O.; Wells, H. N.; Wells, Laura; Wells, R. B.; Whisenhunt, Daniel Webster; Whitaker, Stephen D.; Whitaker, S. D.; Witherspoon, L. L.

Cherokee County Genealogy: Wills and Estates

Smokey Mountains Cherokee County was formed in 1839 from a part of Macon County. This county is bordered by the states of Tennessee and Georgia and is located at the southern tip of the Great Smokey Mountains. Cherokee County was named to honor the Cherokee Indians who inhabited this area before being removed and relocated to Oklahoma in 1838. Every Cherokee was not removed. The industrious families remained behind and their descendants reside in the area today. In 1900 the Dawes Commission opened up the lands in the State of Oklahoma to anyone who could prove at least 1/32nd blood. Over 32,000 applications flooded Washington, D. C. from Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Unfortunately, few were able to prove descent as most of them were relying upon memory, however, those who proved ancestry through the various Indian Rolls received free land grants.