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Seven Tory Prisoners Taken at the Home of Mrs. Mary Devane

Cape Fear River During the Revolutionary War many Americans served terms of three months, then returned home to plow or harvest crops. Also, they hired substitutes for various reasons. Such was the case of Britain Powell who first enlisted under Colonel James Kenon, Major John Moulton, Captain Shadrack Stallings and Lt. Elijah Bowen during the Spring of 1777/1778 as a Lieutenant Horseman. He rendezvoused at the Duplin County Court House for about two years when his wife became ill and hired Lewis Penear as substitute. Afterwards he volunteered again and was serving under Captains Aaron Williams and H. Holmes when he helped to take seven prisoners at the home of Mrs. Mary Devane on the Black River (New Hanover County). He was in the army of Colonel Hawkins serving as a minuteman during the pursuit of Tories up and down the North East River. Later, joined the regiment of Colonel William Washington of the Continental Line and marched to South Carolina.

The Swiss to New Bern

Rockfish Creek Jacob Wells emigrated to America from Basel, Switzerland to America with the deGraffenreid family during the reign of Queen Anne, the last house of Stuart. In June of 1710, he embarked from New Castle, Holland along with other Swiss emigrants onboard a English ship owned by a Boston merchant. The vessel landed on the James River and from there, the passengers went to New Bern, North Carolina. The children of Jacob Wells settled on Rockfish Creek in Duplin County. Why Antrim Sent so Many Immigrants to America The Trail of the Scotch-Irish into Burke County The Great Wagon Road The Scotch-Irish in Guilford County The Irish Join the Fight for Freedom in America The Tacksmen Immigrants from North Carolina come in Two Directions The Influence of German Immigrants The Origins of the Bethabara Colony The Western Migration from Philadelphia to North Carolina The Name of the Clan Aboard a Ship from Scotland Migrants in the New County

Duplin County Duplin County Duplin County Duplin County

Map of Duplin County

How to Chart your Origin

immigrantsIn days gone by, immigrants entered the US due to religious persecutions and political situations around Europe. Dates and circumstances can be traced and such information goes a long way in discovering one's roots. Essentially, prior to 1700, the New England states were settled by the English and Germans while Virginia was mostly settled by the English with Norman roots. In other words, the first ship load to Jamestown were mostly persons from London and surrounding shires, whose circumstances had come to nought. Tracing Virginia lineages is interesting because if one goes far enough back they discover members of the nobility, some of whom came with William the Conqueror. Beginning about 1732, the Germans came through Pennsylvania and Maryland took the Wilderness Road into the unsettled West (North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky). A good many Germans settled in the Alleghany Mountains in the western portion of North Carolina and Virginia. Also, about the same time, the archbishop of Austria ordered all of the protestants out of the country. This group roamed around Europe, some settling among the Dutch until the last group of about 100 people were invited by General James Oglethorpe to settle a colony in Ebenezer, Georgia. Meanwhile, the Scotch-Irish were escaping political and religious persecutions and establishing settlements in North Carolina along the Great Dismal Swamp. Thereafter, one can follow congregations of Presbyterians as they moved through North Carolina and South Carolina. Hence, zeroing in on the history of European Nations during certain time-frames serves as the perfect guideline to knowing where to search for ancestors!

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Duplin County Images of Wills & Probate Records

Duplin County Duplin County is rich with genealogy records. The first will book begins in 1760. If you are researching Wilmington, North Carolina, you should also take advantage of examining all of these last wills and testaments as there is much data about family members and places of origin. It is wise to view all of those surnames in your families because parents, grandparents, siblings and cousins also provide information will helps to complete the genealogy puzzle. Duplin County was formed in 1750 from New Hanover County and was named after Sir Thomas Hays, Lord Dupplin, a member of the Board of Trade and Plantations for the Crown during the 1740s. Its immigrants were Welsh, Scotch-Irish, French Huguenot, English and German Palatines. Kenansville is the county seat.

Probate Records available to members of North Carolina Pioneers

Images of Wills, Book A, 1760 to 1848

Albertson, Samuel | Alderman, David | Alderman, David Sr. | Alderman, John | Allen, Henry | Andrews, Abraham | Ashey, Dante | Atkinson, John | Barbrie, Peter | Bardin, John | Barns, William | Bass, Richard | Beck, William | Beek, William | Bell, Archibald | Beesley, Austin Bell, John | Beney, Jacob | Bennett, Thomas | Bennett, William | Best, Catharine | Best, John | Best, William | Bird, John | Bird, John | (2) Bizzell, James | Bizzell, Mary Bizzell, William | Blackbone, William | Blackman, Joseph | Blackmore, Harrell Bland, William | Blanton, Richard | Blount, Warren | Bowzer, Emanuel| Bowzer, Mary | Boyet, Moses | Boyt, Samuel | Boykin, Joseph | Branch, Archibald | Branch, Edelph | Brice, Joseph | Bright, William | Britton, Thomas | Broadwell, Adoriram | Brown, Edward | Brown, Jacob | Brown, John | Burch, Joseph | Bryan, Rigdon | Bryant, Jacob | Byrd, Robert | Camady, Patrick | Carill, John | Carleton, Thomas | Carr, James | Carr, John | Carr, Joseph | Carter, John | Cavenaugh, Silvester Chasen, Richard | Cherry, Willis Clark, Archibald | Clark, Dianna Cole, Robert | Connelly, Cullin Cook, John | Cook, John | Cottle, Robert | Crawford, John | Cummins, Thomas | Dail, Elizabeth | Daniel, Alexander | Davis, John | Davis, Rachel Dickson, Alexander | Dickson, Bernadick Dickson, James | Dickson, Lewis Dickson, Morris Dickson, Robert | Dickson, William | Dickson, William | (2) Dobson, Lewis Doumit, Alexander | Duacks, William | Duncan, Edmund Duncan, Isaac Dunkan, Jacob | Edwards, Matthew | Egill, Mikel | Ellison, Jesse | Erorguin, Jacque | Evans, James | Faison, Henry | Farrior, John | Farrior, Margaret | Farrior, Martha | Garrison, Ephraim | Gavin, Samuel | Gibbs, John Sr. | Gillispie, James | Glisson, Bryan Glisson, Jacob | Goff, John | Gore, John Sr. | Graddy, John | Grady, Alexander Sr. | Gray, John | Green, John | Green, Lott | Guince, Hugh | Gulley, William | Gurgrum, Eurias | Guy, Samuel | Guy, William | Hall, Sarah | Hall, Thomas | Hall, William | Hariot, Jesse | Harvall, William | Hauchey, Martin Herring, Alexander | Herring, Samuel | Herring, Stephen | Hicks, Thomas | Hill, John | Hix, Thankfull Hodges, Benjamin | Hodgison, Aron | Holar, Levis | Holder, Jeremiah | Holley, James | Hollingsworth, Elizabeth | Hollingsworth, Jacob | Holmes, George | Homes, Edward | Hooks, Thomas | Hooks, Whitmel | Hunter, Howel | Hunter, Isaac | Hunter, Nicholas | Hurst, William B. | Ingram, Abner | Ivey, John | James, James | James, Joseph | James, Rebecca | Jernigan, Thomas | John, Thomas | Johnson, Thomas | Johnson, Amos | Johnston, James | Johnston, Benjamin | Johnston, Hannah | Johnston, John | Johnston, Joseph | Jones, Jesse | Jones, John | Jones, Robert | Jones, Solomon Keatley, Jonathan | Kenady, Dunsey | Kenan, Elizabeth | Kenan, James | Kenan, Thomas | King, Henry | Knoles, John | Knoles, Robert | Kornegay, Abram | Kornegay, George | Kornegay, Luke| Kornegay, Mary | Land, Robert | Lane, Ruralee | Lanier, Jesse | Lanier, John | Lanier, Thomas | Lee, Josiah | Mairgroves, John | Mallard, George | Mallard, John | Mallard, Joseph | Mallard, William | Matchet, John | Matchet, Sarah | Mathews, James | Mathis, Edward | Maxwell, James | Maxwell, John | McCann, William | McCann, William | McCurdy, William | McGee, William | McGowen, William | McLendon, Jesse | McLendon, Jesse | Mercer, John | Merit, Joseph | Merrit, Absalom Middleton, Davidl | Middleton, Isaac Sr. Middleton, James | Middleton, James Jr. | Middleton, Susannah | Millard, Jerry | Miller, Sarah | Mills, Elizabeth | Molton, Abraham Molton, John | Molton, Tamer Morr, John | Murray, Arthur Murphy, Barbara Murphy, Timothy Murray, Betholmy Murray, James | Murray, James | (2) Neal, John | Sr. New, John | Newton, Isaac Newton, Mary Newton, Patrick | Newton, Sarah | Norman, Richard | Norment, Thomas | Norris, Isom | Norris, Jessy | Oats, Jethro | Olive, Francis | Outlaw, Edward | Outlaw, James | Parish, William | Parker, John | Parker, William | Pearce, Sarah | Pearsall, James | Pearsall, Joseph | Pegford, Timothy | Pettus, Samuel | Phillips, John | Picket, Dawson Pierce, Snodon Pomphrey, Silvanus Pope, Thomas | Powell, Patrick | Prowse, John | Quince, Joseph | Rhodes, Benjamin | Rhodes, Joseph | Thomas | Rhodes, Solomon Rogers, Fanny Rogers, John | Rogers, Stephen | Rogers, William | Rouse, George | Rouse, Phillip | Routledge, Thomas | Routledge, Thomas | Runnels, Shadrack | Scott, Joseph | Sholar, Solomon Shuffield, John | Sikes, Willis Sloan, Davidl | Sloan, Davidl | (2) Sloan, John | Sloan, Robert | Slocumb, Samuel | Smith, George | Smith, Roger Snell, James | Snow, William | Southerland, Robert | Stallings, John | Stallings, Meshack Stroud, Lutson Sullivan, Daniel Taylor, Catharine | Taylor, Jacob | Teachey, Davidl | Teachey, Jacob | Teachey, Timothy | Thally, Andrew | Thomas, Isaac | Thomas, William | Thigpen, John | Thomson, John | Turnamer, Cader | Tutle, Ann | Underhill, William | Wade, Joseph | Waller, James | Ward, John | Ward, Luke| Watkins, Lewis | Watterman, William | Webb, Samuel | Wells, Jacob | Weltz, Joseph | Weston, Abelson |Weston, Edward | Whitfield, John | Wilkins, John | Wilkinson, Margaret | Williams, Edward | Williams, Elizabeth | Williams, George | Williams, James | Williams, John | Williams, John | Williams, Richard | Williams, Robert | Williams, Shadrack | Williams, Stephen | Williams, Thomas | Wills, Jacob | Wilson, John Sr. | Witts, Elizabeth | Wood, Priscilla | Worsley, John | Worley, Ann | Wright, David | Wright, John | Wright, Robert | Young, Peter