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"The Grove"

The Grove"The Grove" was built by General Thomas Blount (1795-1812) ca 1808 in Tarboro, North Carolina. The Tar River served as a thriving inland port for merchants and farmers in that vicinity. Blount was a landowner, merchant, congressman, and revolutionary soldier. He was born in Craven County, North Carolina and was closely associated with his two brothers, Willim and John Gray Blount in business and politics. During the American Revolution Thomas Blount served as a Lieutenant in the Fifth Regiment of the North Carolina Continental Line and was taken to England as a prisoner of war for a time. Later on, he served as a major general in the North Carolina Militia.

John Mann

Captain Thomas Mann, an English merchant and commander of the vessel Edward & Francis settled first in Charleston, South Carolina. His son, John Mann of Berkeley County, South Carolina sold the land which he inherited from his father and removed to Edgecombe County about 1738. Later, about 1745, when Edgecombe Parish was organized, John Mann served as a Clerk. The parish house no longer exists and it was known later as St. Mary's Parish.

What to Expect in the Pleas and Quarter Sessions Court

Edgecombe county, N. C, Oct. 5, 1849. 814 tf. State of North Carolina, Franklin County. Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, June Term, 1850. A PAPER writing, purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Sally Lanier, both as to her Real snd Personal Estate, is propounded for probate by Lucy Stegall, one of the Legatees and Divisees therein named ; and it is, thereupon ordered, that publication be made for six successive weeks in the North Carolina Standard, a paper published ia the City of Raleigh, for James B. Hollaman and wife Sarah. Elisha Parker and wife Mary, the Children of William Bird, the Children of Jethro Bird, John Langford and wife Mary, Thomas Bcnnet, Benjamin Bennet, John Bennet, Jr., Richard Bennet, Joseph Stroud, William Stroud, John Stroud, Thomas Stroud, Arm Eliza Stroud, Edward Lanier, Thomas Lan ier and Thomas Jones and wife Mary, who reside beyond the limits of the State, and to Ruffin H. Lanier and John Bennet who reside in this State, and to all the next of kin and heirs at Law of the said Sally Lanier, requiring them to appear at the next term of this Court, to be held at the Court House in the Town of Louisburg and County aforesaid, on the 2nd Monday in September next, to show cause, if any they have or can show, why the said writing shall not be proven and recorded. Witness, Young Patterson, Clerk of the said Court, at office the 2nd Monday in June, A. D. 1850, and of our Independence the 74th year. Y. PATTERSON, C. C. C. Source:The North-Carolina Standard, Raleigh, NC. August 28, 1850.

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Edgecombe Map Edgecombe County was formed in 1732 from Bertie County. Granville, Halifax and Nash Counties were later formed from Edgecombe County. The county was named after Richard Edgecome, an English baron.

Edgecombe County Probate Records available to members of North Carolina Pioneers

Images of Edgecombe County Wills 1749 to 1775

Testators: Allen, James; Allen, John; Allen, Roger ; Barnes, Edward ; Barnes, Thomas; Bell, Thomas ; Bond, Henry; Braswell, James ; Bryant, William; Cain, James ; Cane, William; Coleman, Charles; Coleman, Charles (2) ; Coleman, Moses; Coleman, Robert ; Colwell, John; Daniel, Aaron; DeLoach, Samuel ; Evans, Abraham; Fenn, John; Floyd, Francis; Fort, Elias; Fort, John; Furguson, Isaac; Garner, John; Gay, John; Goodson, Thomas; Griffin, John; Harrel, Thomas; Hilliard, James; Horn, Henry; Hudnall, Robert; Ivey, Adam; Jeruse, William; Johnson, Benjamin; Knight, Robert ; Mound, William; Parker, John ; Perrit, Priscilla ; Pitman, Joseph ; Pitman, Moses ; Pool, Lawrence; Pridgeon, William; Ricks, Isaac; Ross, Andrew; Ross, Daniel ;Ross, William ; Row, William ; Sellers, Benjamin ; Speer, James ; Stallions, James ; Summerall, Sarah; Umphrey, Robert ; Vickors, Ralph; Wall, Elijah ; Wall, Daniel ; Wall, Gerrard ; Whittington, Richard ; Williams, Phillis ; Williams, Pilgrim; Williamson, Hardy ; Wright, William

Edgecombe County Wills

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Miscellaneous Records

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