North Carolina Pioneers

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Huguenots to the Trent River

Trent River French Protestants, escaping religious persecution, settled on the Trent River in 1707. They were known as "Huguenots." Two years later, the Lords Proprietors granted to Baron de Graffenreidt ten thousand acres of land along the Neuse and Cape Fear rivers for the purpose of colonizing. Soon thereafter, a great number of Palatines (Germans) and fifteen hundred Swiss followed the Baron, and settled at the confluence of the Trent and the Neuse. The town was called New Berne (named after Berne, Switzerland, the birth-place of Graffenreidt). Later on, some of their descendants fought in the Revolutionary War.

The Battle of Rockfish Branch on the Cape Fear River

Rockfish CreekBy February 21, 1776, the British General MacDonald crossed to the east side of the Cape Fear and to avoid open battle, sank their boats to discourage pursuit. He then marched southward to Wilmington to join with the forces of Governor Martin. The pursuit of MacDonald lasted several days, resulting in his defeat at Moores Creek Bridge on February 27th. Hugh Stanley testified before the North Carolina Assembly that he served in the militia and was disabled by wounds which he received during the Battle of Rockfish Creek while serving under General Kenan. He stated that he was disabled " by being chopped on the head and shoulders also on the hands." Source: Treasurer's and Comptrollers Records, Veterans Pensions, North Carolina Archives. The Battle of Alamance The Brave General Isaac Gregory of Fairfax Hall Orphan Boy Fights Major Battles during Revolutionary War The Siege of Charleston The Battle of Cross Creek The Treatment of British Prisoners during the Battle of Kings Mountain John Penn, North Carolina Patriot The Battle of Guilford Court House The Battle of Eutaw Springs The Battle of Rockfish Branch on the Cape Fear River Patriots in North Carolina, a Precurser to the American Revolution Soldier from Rockingham in Battle of Camden Minutemen Played a Crucial Roll in the Revolutionary War Villians in the Revolutionary War Every Revolutionary War Pension has a Story An Eyewitness to the Surrender of Lord Cornwallis "Mad" Anthony Wayne Colonel Benjamin Cleaveland, Hero of Kings Mountain

Narrowing Down the Old Home Place

creek William Lavender Sr. received a land grant in Jones County in 1762. The grant was discovered by examining the deed records and finding a deed dated 1832 between Samuel Hill and David Green for 84 acres of land on Gum Branch near Beaver Creek North by the Trent River to the line of Melcher Rhem; also a tract of land on the Northside of the Trent River at Beaver Creek, which was sold by Melcher Rhem to William Lavender in 1776. Then, in 1779, William Lavender, a tailor, deeded to Jacob Koonce 200 acres on Beaver Creek to Whiteoak branch, dividing the line between Jacob Rhem and Lavender. The estate of William Lavender in Jones County defines more land and the names of his heirs, thus further clarifying the situation. This is why genealogists research deeds, estates and wills.

Map of Jones County North Carolina

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Unknown Ions of Time

rosetta stone Unknown ions of time have passed since the generations of Adam and Eve and our memories fail us in so many ways. The modern age, from the 17th century forward,has collected written records of itself. That is not to say that there weren't written records of past eras. There was, and most of those discovered have been translated, thanks to the rosetta stone. If we can examine two codes, one written in a language that we understand, then more information can be gleaned from the oldest discovered records. As far as I know, the oldest egyptian tombs date back to ca 5000 B. C., with the date written upon the walls. As far as I am concerned, if one has a written date, that is an excellent starting point, rather than carbon (or any other) dating system. Actually, we are on a learning curve of translating the written records of the modern age. The reason is that Latin was the dominant language, and the characters are uniquely different. The script used in earlier times, during the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries is no longer taught in schools. However, we can translate these documents with the use of a chart of the colonial alphabet. Then, transpose a name into the old format. This beginning will assist our surname search through old records and eventually help to define the document itself. This method, then, becomes our "rosetta stone. "

The Great Documents of the Past

captives Genealogists are sometimes inclined to overlook records which will help to ferret out important details. Census records are not the end all in discovering ancestors! More importantly (after the census research), court house records should be thoroughly examined at every locale where ancestors ever resided. The place to begin is in the county where the ancestor resided, as well as the adjoining counties. The reason is that boundaries were always expanding or diminishing in order to create new counties. Too, families moved about, with friends and relatives in the vicinity. The group of people who shared a community, farm acreage,or town are suspect as relatives. Children married neighbors, and that record exists somewhere in the community. Church minute books, graveyards, deed records, minute books, records in the Inferiory Court detailing the maintenance of roads, and so on and so on. And sometimes it is rewarding to read the last will and testaments of everyone who resided in the community during a certain time-span. That is where real events are discovered. My most recent find was the discovery that two distant cousins of my ancestor were taken by Indians as slaves, and that the father (after 30 years) lamented that he wished to provide them, should they ever return. One should look twice at a neighbor who purchased items from an estate sale, or witnessed a deed. The adjoining property owners listed in tax digests are noteworthy. Once all the tidbits of information is gathered, it begins to make sense. The reading of deeds during a prescribed time period is also helpful, especially deeds of gift (to heirs) and Marriage Contracts. Yes, another place to find marriages is in deed records!

The Revolutionary War Soldier in your Family

Jones County Wills and Estates

Jones County MapJones county was formed in 1779 from the southwestern part of Craven County. It was named after Willie Jones, a Revolutionary leader and president of the North Carolina Council of Safety. Jones, a plantation and slave owner, was later the state's chief opponent of ratification of the United States Constitution.

Images of Jones County Wills and Deeds, Volume A, 1779 to 1812

Ahair, John - Andrews, Adam - Andrews, David - Andrews, Peter - Anniet, Peter - Antwine, Andrew - Austin, John - Barnett, William - Barret, Thomas - Benton, Michael - Blackshear, Agnes - Blackshear, Alexander Blackshear, Elisha - Blackshear, James - Blount, Francis - Bogue, Mark - Bogue, Robert - Brock, Joseph - Brockett, Benjamin to Benjamin Williams, Governor - Brown, Edward - Brown, John - Brown, William - Bryan, Frederick - Bryan, Lewis - Bryan, Nathan - Bump, Elizabeth - Bump, Jabez - Burich, James - Burnet, John Sr. - Buseck, Mitchel - Bush, William - Cahoon, John - Chance, Rebecca - Clark, George - Clifton, Ezekiel - Clifton, Sarah - Collins, Benjamin - Colvert, John - Conner, John - Cordeman, Barnard - Cox, Elisha - Cox, Marmaduke - Crutchfield, Ann - Dias, William - Dias, Wilson - Dudley, Abraham Sr. Dudley, Thomas - Dulin, Rice - Dulin, Thomas - Edwards, Simon - Eubanks, Thomas - Fields, Richard - Foy, Jacob - Foy, Thomas - Foy, Thomas (2) - Frank, Wickliff - Frazar, Mary - Frazer, Micajah - Frazar, Urbane - Furr, Thomas - Gilbert, Benjamin J. - Gilbert, Joseph - Gilbert, William D. - Giles, John Sr. - Gillet, Seth - Gooding, Moses - Goodson, Aaron - Granade, Joseph, the elder - Granade, Joseph - Gray, Israel - Gray, Joseph Cox - Gray, William Gilbert - Green, James - Grenade, John - Griffith, Daniel - Grimes, Robert - Gunter, John Sr. - Gunter, Richard - Hale, John - Hamilton, David - Hargett, Peter - Harkins, William - Harris, Zemeriah - Harrison, Daniel - Harrison, James Sr.- Harrison, John - Harrison, William - Harrison, William (2)- Harrison, William I1812) - Hatch, Anthony - Hatch, Edmund - Hatch, Samuel - Hathaway, Isaac - Hawkins, William - Hay, Thomas - Herbert, William - Hewet, Nancy - Higgins, William - Hill, James - Hill, Joseph - Howard, Titus - Huggins, Luke - Ipock, Jacob - Isler, Frederick - Isler, Sarah - Isler, William - Jackson, John - Jarman, Hall - Johnson, Collinson - Johnson, Jacob - Jones, Hardy - Jones, James - Jones, James (2) - Jones, William - Kellam, Mary - King, Mary - King, Samuel - Koonce, Christian - Koonce, Jacob - Koonce, John - Koonce, Michael - Kornegay, Abraham - Kornegy, Daniel - Kornegay, David - Kornegy, John - Kornegay, Littin - Lavender, William - Lavender, William (1802) - Lee, John Burton - Lipsey, Arthur - Lipsey, James - Lipsey, R. - Lipsey, Timothy - Lipsey, William - Littleton, Mary - Littleton, Thomas - Littleton, Thomas (2) - Macky, Isaac - Malding, Henry - Marret, Hezekiah Sr. - May, Charles - McCubbins, Samuel - McDaniel, James - McQuillian, Alexander - Mead, Rachel - Mead, Thomas - Meador, Abraham - Meadors, L. - Melton, James - Messer, Benjamin - Metts, George Sr. - Mew, Philip - Miller, George - Miller, Tobias - Moore, John - Moore, Mathew - Morris, William - Morrison, Daniel - Mundine, John - Mundine, K. W.- Mundine, Sarah - Mundine, Sarah, widow of John - Murdin, Mary Magdalin - Nelms, Jeremiah - Noble, Daniel - Oliver, John - Orme, Robert - Parry, Daniel - Parry, John Sr. - Parry, William - Parry, W. - Pate, William - Pharton, Abraham - Pickrin, Moses - Pickren, Richard - Prescott, Moses - Prescott, Thomas - PRichard, Caleb - PRichard, Jeremiah - Pybas, Henry - Quillian, Daniel - Randal, William - Reschover, Clara R. - Reynolds, James - Reynolds, Penelope - Sanders, Levi - Sanderson, Joseph - Shine, Daniel - Simmons, Amos - Simmons, Emmanuel - Simmons, George - Simmons, John - Skeen, Alexander - Skeen, Sarah - Skein, Betsy - Skein, Isaac - Small, Reuben - Smith, Bazel - Smith, Betsy - Smith, Vincent - Smith, William - Standland, John - Standly, John - Stanton, William - Starkey, Edward - Starkey, Edward (2) - Steel, Peter - Stephens, John - Stevenson, Charles - Taylor, Cornelius - Taylor, Rachel - Ventriss, William - Warren, Joseph - Watson, Jeremiah - Weeks, Archibald - West, Eli - Wharton, Edmond - Whitty, Edward - Williams, Chaplin Williams, James - Williams, Thomas - Williamson, David - Wilson, James - Wood, Gershon - Yeates, David - Yeates, Stephen

Images of Jones County Wills and Deeds, Volume A, 1813 to 1868

Amyett, Amos - Anders, John - Andrews, Adam Andrews, Francis - Andrews, John - Andrews, Penelope - Ashley, Benjamin - Askew, Zadoc Ball, John - Becton, Frederick Isler - Becton, Susannah - Bender, John - Brinson, H. - Brown, Isaac - Brown, Nancy - Brown, Samuel - Bryan, Wealthy - Burns, James - Burton, William M. - Calvert, John Sr. - Collins, Martha - Conner, Jeremiah - Conner, Michael - Conner, Rachel - Cox, Andrew - Cox, Elana - Cox, John R. - Cox, Levinah Cox, Owen B. - Davis, Enoch - Debrule, Edward C. - Dickson, Daniel - Dillahunt, Alice - Erwin, Shadrack Eubank, John - Eubanks, Lott - Fordham, John - Foreen, Frederick - Foreen, Simon - Foreen, Simon - Foreen, Susan H. - Foreen, John W. - Foy, Enoch - Francks, William H. - Frank, Edward - Frank, Edward S. - Franks, Edward S. - Gilbert, Joseph - Gillet, Thomas - Gooding, Council - Gooding, Frederickl - Gooding, Mary - Gooding, William - Griffin, Oliver - Harget, Peter - Harrison, John - Harrison, Richard - Harrison, William Sr. - Hatch, Edmund B. - Hatch, Joseph - Hawkins, Elizabeth - Hay, Joseph - Hay, Mary - Heath, Amos - Heath, Argent - Heath, John - Heath, Nancy - Holland, Esther - Howard, Israel - Howard, Julia N. - Huggins, James - Isler, John - Isler, Simmons - Isler, William - Jarman, Emanuel - Jarman, John - Jarman, John (1858) - Jarman, John Sr. - Jarman, Rachel - Jarman, William - Jarman, William (2) Johnson, Duncan B. - Jones, Bazzel = Jones, James - Jones, Jonas - Jones, Jonas (1850) - Jones, Kilby - Jones, William - Jones, William - Key, Joseph - Kinsey, John - Kinsey, Joseph - Kinsey, Mary - Knight, Kader - Koonce, Amos - Koonce, Beneter - Koonce, Benjamin - Koonce, Daniel - Koonce, Delphey - Koonce, Lydia - Koonce, Richard - Koonce, Simon E. - Koonce, T. - Koonce, Tobias - Koonce, William - Lane, Levan - Lipsey, Sarah - Loftin, John L. - Lovett, David - Lovett, Elijah - Mallard, Daniel - Mallard, John - Mallard, Kesiah - Mallard, Lawson - Mallard, Shadrack - Market, Elizabeth - Mashburn, James - McDaniel, James - McDaniel, James (2) - McDaniel, John - McDaniel, Risdon = McDaniel, Risdon Sr. - McDaniel, Thomas - McQuilling, Thomas - Meaders, Millington - Meador, Simeon - Miller, Martin - Morris, Sarah - Mumford, Edward - Mundine, Francis - Murphy, Mary - Murphy, Thomas - Murphy, Thomas(2)- Oliver, Joseph - Owens, Charlotte - Penuel, John - Perry, Hannah - Perry, Mary - Perry, Silas - Pollock, Amy- Pollock, John - Pollock, Mary - Pollock, Mary (1858) - Read, William - Rector, John - Rector, Mary - Reynolds, Elizabeth - Reynolds, Richard - Rhem, William - Rhodes, Henry - Richard - s, John Sr. - Robert - s, Richard - Robertson, Melissa T. - Sanders, Moses - Sanderson, Elijah - Scott, John - Shelfer, John - Simmons, Elijah - Simmons, Elizabeth - Simmons, Lemuel H. - Simmons, Mary - Simmons, Needham - Smith, Asa - Spight, Mary - Spight, Simon - Spock, Elizabeth - Stafford, Elisha Standly, John - Stanley, Daniel - Stanly, Nathan - Stanly, Wright - Stephens, Rachel - Stiley, Sarah - Stricklin, Fereba - Strong, John - Taler, Abraham - Taylor, Frederickl - Turnage, James - Twiddy, Joseph - Ward, Morris - Westbrook, Cathern Westbrook, Harman - Westbrook, James - Westbrook, John - Westbrook, John - Whitty, Joseph - Williams, Lewis Williams, Unity - Willson, Benjamin - Wise, Selby H. - Wood, John

Miscellaneous Wills

  • Granade, John - , LWT, 2-21-1790
  • Granade, Joseph - , LWT, 1800
  • Granade, Joseph - , LWT, 1799