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The Home of President James K. Polk, 11th President of USA

Home of James K. Polk in Charlotte, NC

James K. Polk was born in this home in 1795 and resided here until his family removed to Tennessee eleven years later. This historic house was moved to its present site.

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The Irish Join the Fight for Freedom in America

The North Carolina Militia played a large role in defending the State of North Carolina against the British army, its soldiers enlisting for terms of three and six-months. In those days the demands of farming caused many patriots to enlist for three-month spans. Several years before the beginning of the Revolutionary War, James Conner left Antrim, Ireland with his parents. He was nineteen years old when the settled in Mecklenburg County. During August of 1775 he enlisted in the State Troops under the command of Captain George Davidson and regiment of Colonel Martin for six months. It was autumn when they were ordered into South Carolina to suppress the Tories in the western part of the State and then to Cross Creek (Fayetteville) to suppress the Scotch Tories. He re-enlisted again during the summer of 1776 for three months and volunteered to go against the Cherokee Indians in the militia of Colonel Nixon under the command of General Rutherford. Again, during 1777 the call was made once again upon the militia of North Carolina to defend Charleston. The troops were marched to Camden where they spent the winter. Although James Conner was made sergeant during this period, once again, he missed action because his term ended. During June of 1778 Conner went north in search for his only brother in America who was in the service of the Continental Army then encamped on the Raritan River in New Jersey. In July he was appointed a wagon master under Colonel Thompson (the wagon master General) and was attached to one of the armies of the New England Brigades. The winter quarters were near Morristown, New Jersey. Conner was detached with a number of horses to New Canaan, Massachusetts. For the next campaign during the year of 1779 James Conner was attached to the Brigade of Light Infantry commanded by General Wayne where he continued to act as wagon master for said Brigade and was a volunteer at the storming of Stoney Point. When the Brigade broke camp and marched to headquarters, it was met by Lord Stirling with a detachment of Continental troops marching towards Staten Island. Conner went with them for the purpose of attacking a British fort on the island but the patriots were repulsed and retreated. Upon his arrival at headquarters he was ordered to the South with the Virginia and North Carolina troops. They caught up with a portion of the Virginians at Fredericksburg commanded by General Woodford, and Conner continued with that army until they arrived at the Yadkin River where he obtained a furlough for two weeks. Afterward the furlough, he set out to rejoin the army at Charleston and while traveling about 10 or 15 miles this side of Camden, met the baggage train and some of the Artillery retreating. The terrible news was that Charleston had fallen into the hands of the British! He returned home and took sick and remained too ill for duty until the latter part of the summer of the year 1780, but there were no Continental troops in that section to which he might attach himself. Thus, upon the advice and request of Brigadier General William Lee Davidson (also a Colonel in the Continental Army but at that time commanding a Brigade of militia) he accepted the appointment of forage master and served a tour of duty in that capacity for three months, principally in Mecklenburg County. A part of the time Conner was with Colonel Morgan before being detached into South Carolina under General Nathaniel Greene. During the latter end of the year of 1780 there was another call upon the militia, this time to oppose the progress of Lord Cornwallis. Once again, Conner volunteered and was appointed Brigade Quarter Master by General Davidson stationed at Beatties Ford to prevent the crossing of the British. However, as the main Army crossed the river about four miles below and were about to come after the rear guard, the patriots retreated to the home of the widow Torrence where they attempted to make a stand. But they were surprised by the Light Dragoons under the command of the treacherous Banastre Tarleton, called "the butcher", and defeated. They retreated to the Yadkin river where Conner helped get the military stores safely over the river, but were surprised again by the British advance guard. It was at that place that Conner lost his clothes and all of his papers, including his appointment into the Continental Army. Why Antrim Sent so Many Immigrants to America The Trail of the Scotch-Irish into Burke County The Great Wagon Road The Scotch-Irish in Guilford County The Tacksmen Immigrants from North Carolina come in Two Directions The Influence of German Immigrants Seven Tory Prisoners Taken The Origins of the Bethabara Colony The Western Migration from Philadelphia to North Carolina The Name of the Clan Aboard a Ship from Scotland Migrants in the New County

Battle of Guilford Court House

Battle of GuilfordMarch 15, 1781. As soon as he could cross the River he joined the army of General Greene and continued with it throughout the Battle of Guilford. This battle was fought at the House upon a site which is now in Greensboro. Lieutenant General Charles Cornwallis defeated Major General Nathaniel Greene with only half the forces as Greene. This battle is touted as the one which led to the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown. That is because the British army lost many men. Beforehand, although the British had great success in conquering most of Georgia and South Carolina with the aid of Loyalist factions, Cornwallis directed his sites towards conquering North Carolina. In fact, the British were in the process of heavy recruitment in North Carolina when this battle occurred and put an end to their recruiting drive. Too, in the wake of the battle, General Greene moved into South Carolina while Lord Cornwallis, needing troops, chose to march into Virginia and attempt to link up with roughly 3,500 men under the command of British Major General Phillips and American turncoat Benedict Arnold. These decisions allowed Greene to disconnect British control in the South. During 1781, James Conner reappeared on the scene. This time, General Thomas Sumpter had been ordered to raise four regiments of cavalry and Conner volunteered as Quarter Master in the Regiment of Colonel William Polk. But once again he became ill and was advised by the surgeons to quit the service for three weeks. When he again rejoined the troops, he served a term of ten months.

Mrs. James Spittle nee Smiley Pressley, is the Youngest Bride in the County

"She is eleven years old and was married last week at Matthews, North Carolina her mother giving consent on the condition that the bridegroom would keep the girl in school five years." Source:The Jones Headlight, Gray's Station, Georgia March 10, 1888.

The Ragged Troops at Charlotte

In 1780 when General Greene was appointed to the command of the Southern Department, when he arrived at Charlotte, he found the Southern Army destitute of almost everything, viz: no artillery, baggage or stores. In a letter written to General Lafayette, he wrote:"Were you to arrive now, you would find a few ragged, half-starved troops in the wilderness, destitute of everything necessary for the comfort or convenience of soldiers." The situation seemed useless, and his only hope of success lay in a number of spirited and devoted officers who gathered around him, and the promise of reinforcements from the states he had passed through during his route. General Greene decided to remove to a place where subsistence and the means of transportation could be obtained, and marched to the Cheraw hills on the Pee Dee. General Morgan was detached to the west of the Catawba to cut off the left wing of the arm of Lord Cornwallis. This movement of General Morgan and his army alarmed the British from their posts. Colonel Tarleton was dispatched with a force to cut off and destroy him, but the victory belonged to the Patriots when the troops under Colonel Tarleton troops met their annihilation at the Cowpens. The news of this victory was a severe blow to Cornwallis. He acted quickly cut off the retreat of General Morgan with his prisoners, and prevent his joining the main army. But in this he was foiled; for, mistaking the route supposed to be taken by his enemy, Morgan was enabled to reach Greene in safety.

James Belk, 22 Children Later!

Mecklenburg Signers of the Declaration of Independence When Mecklenburg County celebrated its Centennial on 20 May 1775, James Belk of Union County (formerly a part of Mecklenburg), attended. He was one hundred and ten years old! As recorded in a family Bible, printed in Edinburg in 1720, Belk was born on the 4th of February, 1765. He resided on the same tract of land upon which he was born and raised, his father being one of the original settlers of the country. Belk recollected the death of his father who was mortally wounded in the Revolutionary war, near the North Carolina Line, and knows that his mother, fearing the mournful result, visited the place of conflict, and finding him lying in the woods near th road-side, severely wounded. She assisted him to their home, but soon afterward had him transferred to the residence of his grandfather for better attention, where he died. James Belk was twice married, having ten children by the first, and twelve by the last wife. He was accompanied to the centennial meeting by one of his younger sons, a lad forty-one years of age. His oldest child, a daughter, was eighty-eight years of age! He named one of his sons Julius Alexander, after an intimate friend and junior schoolmate. As he and Alexander grew up, they frequently heard the two meetings of the 20th and 31st of May, 1775, spoken of as being separate and distinct. -Note: James Belk died one year after the Centennial Celebration in Union County on 9 May 1876 at the extreme old age of one hundred and eleven years three months and five days!British Stamps in Brunswick

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Mecklenburg County North Carolina Mecklenburg County was formed in 1762 from the western part of Anson County. For sometime, the county extended into the State of Souch Carolina. Thus, during 1768, most of the region west of the Catawba River) was designated Tryon County, North Carolina. In 1792 the northeastern part of Mecklenburg County became Cabarrus County. Finally, in 1842 the southeastern part of Mecklenburg County was combined with the western part of Anson County to become Union County. Researchers should search Union County census records and county records as well as Mecklenburg.


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  • Polk, Charles, LWT, 1820
  • Rivers, Mary, LWT (1803), transcript
  • Rivers, John, LWT (1779), transcript
  • Swann, Joseph - Last Will and Testament (1829)

Images of Mecklenburg County Wills 1783 to 1844

Surnames -A- :
Testators: Aaron, Frederick | Adams, Charles | Akinson, David | Alcorn, John | Alexander, Aaron | Alexander, Aaron (2) | Alexander, Abner | Alexander, Abraham | Alexander, Amos | Alexander, Andrew | Alexander, Arthur | Alexander, Catharine | Alexander, Charles | Alexander, Daniel | Alexander, David | Alexander, Dorcas | Alexander, Eli | Alexander, Elias | Alexander, Ezekiel | Alexander, Ezekiel (2) | Alexander, Ezra | Alexander, Ezra (s) | Alexander, Hezekiah | Alexander, James } Alexander, John | Alexander, John M. | Alexander, Josiah | Alexander, Kezia | Alexander, Lavinia | Alexander, Mary | Alexander, Mary (2) | Alexander, Nathaniel | Alexander, athaniel (2) | Alexander, Samuel |Alexander, William | | Alexander, William | (2) | Alexander, Zenos | Algea, Frances | Allen, Agness | Allen, Alexander | Allen, John | Allen, George | Allison, Archibald | Andrews, James | Armstrong, Matthew |

Surnames - B-:
Testators: Baker, George | Baldwin, Joel | Ballard, Jesse | Bane, James | Barker, Hana | Barnett, Hugh | Barnett, Hugh (2) | Barnett, Moses | Barnett, William | Barnett, William (2) | Barnett, William (3) | Barnwell, John | Barnwell, John (2) | Barr, David | Barr, Margaret | Bartee, Andrew | Beatty, Charles | Beaty, Isabella | Beaty, John | Beaty, John (2) | Beaty, John (3) | Beaty, Robert | Beaty, Samuel | Beaty, William | Beck, Thomas | Becket, Samuel | Belch, John | Belk, John | Bell, James | Bennet, Margaret | Berryhill, Elizabeth | Berryhill, John | Berryhill, Joseph | Berryhill, Samuel | Berryhill, Thomas | Best, Bostian | Bevins, John | Biggerstaff, Samuel | Bigham, Andrew | Bigham, John | Bigham, John (2)| Bigham, Robert | Bigham, Samuel | Bigham, William | Black, John | Black, Thomas | Black, William | Black, William (2) | Black, William (3) | Blackstock, William | Blackwood, Thomas | Blythe, Samuel | Bowman, Andrew | Bowman, Margaret | Boyer, James | Boyer, John | Bradford, David | Bradley, James | Brevard, Ephraim | Bridley, Jonas | Brown, Benjamin | Brown, Benjamin (2) | Brown, David | Brown, John | Brown, Patrick | Brown, Robert | Brown, Robert (2) | Brown, Samuel | Brown, Samuel (2) | Brown, William | Buchanan, Robert | Burt, John | Byers, Thomas

Surnames -C- :
Testators: Caldwell, Agness | Caldwell, Charles | Caldwell, David | Caldwell, Roberet Caldwell, William | Camp, Archibald | Campbell, Alexander | Campbell, James | Campbell, Jennet | Campbell, Robert | Canon, John | Canon, Margaret | Carnes, Alexander | Carrigan, Hugh | Carruth, James | Caruthers, Hugh | Carson, John | Carson, John (2) | Caruthers, Sarah | Caryl, Joseph | Caryl, Samuel | Cathcart, John Cathey, Andrew | Cathey, Archibald Cathey, George Cathey, Jane | Cathey, Jane (2) | Cathey, John | Cathey, Mary | Chaney, James | Cheek, Silas | |Christianbery, Nicholas | Clark, Eleanor | Clark, James | Clark, James (2) | Clark, John | Clark, John (2) | Clark, William | Clark, William (2) | Cochran, Thomas | Coker, James | Cole, Thomas | Coleman, P. Conner, Charles | Conner, James | Cook, Charles | Cook, John | Cook, Robert | Cooper, William Sr. | Corran, William | Corum, Robert | Corzine, John | Corzine, Nicholas | Cowan, John Cowan, Will | Cowden, Robert | Cowden, Samuel Cowen, David | Craig, Martha | Craig, Martha (2) | Craig, Moses | Craighead, Alexander Crocket, Archibald | Cry, James | Crye, John | Craig, William | Cullen, John | Cummins, Charles | Cunningham, James | Cunningham, Roger | Curran, Mary Curry, James

Surnames -D- :
Testators: Daniel, Richard | Darnell, Joseph | Darnell, William | Davidson, John | Davidson, John (2) | Davidson, Thomas | Davidson, William | Davis, David | Davis, George | Davis, James | Davis, John | Davis, Robert | Davis, Walter | Davis, William | Delinger, Valentine | Dends, Michael | Denkins, James | Denkins, John | Denkins, John (2) | Denkins, Mary | Doherty, Agness | Doherty, Daniel | Doherty, John | Doherty, John (2) | Donaldson, Arthur | Doster, John | Dow, John | Downs, Henry | Duglass, Margaret | Dunn, Andrew | Dunn, Andrew (2) | Dunn, James | Dunn, Robert | Dunn, William | Dwyre, Darby

Surnames -E- :
Testators:Eacock, Jesse | Edwards, John | Elliott, James | Elliott, Joseph | Elliott, Solomon | Emerson, Ann | Emerson, Harry | Emerson, Susannah | Emerson, William Tabb | Emmerson, Jane Erwin, Edward | Ewert, Robert | Ezell, Frederick

Surnames - F - :
Testators:Faires, James | Farr, Ephraim | Farr, Samuel | Farrior, Henry | Farson, John | Ferguson, Samuel | Ferguson, Thomas | Ferguson, William | Fesperman, Henry | Finley, James | Finney, Eleanor | Finney, John | Fisher, Charles | Fisher, Paul | Flanagan, William Flincken, Martha | Flinn, Nicholas | Foard, Henry Foard, John Foard, Zebulon | Ford, Phillis | Foster, John | Fox, John | Fox, John L. | Franklin, James | Fraser, James | Freeman, Allen | Freeman, David |

Surnames - G - :
Testators: Gabie, Robert | Galbreath, Joseph | Gallant, Daniel | Galloway, Agness | Galloway, James Garmon, George | Garrison, David | Garrison, Sarah | Gelsy, Thomas | Giles, John | Gillespie, Alexander | Gillespie, Joseph | Gillespie, Ruth | Gilmer, John | Gingles, Samuel | Givens, Edward (2) Givens, Edward | Givens, William | Glass, James | Glass, Robert | Goldman, Henry | Goodman, Michael | Gordon, John | Gordon, Mary | Gown, Leonard | Graham, George | Graham, Joseph | Graham, William | Graham, William (2) | Gray, Martha | Gray, Sampson | Gray, William | Gray, William (2) | Green, James Green, John | Green, Thomas | Greer, James | Gren, Margaret | Gren, William | Griffith, Aaron

Surnames - H - :
Testators: Hadden, Frederick | Hagins, William | Hall, Halbert | Hall, Thomas | Hames, George | Hamilton, William | Hanigan, Dennis | Hanna, John | Hargett, Henry | Hargett, Henry (2) | Hargrove, John | Hark, William | Hark, William (2) | Harkey, John | Harkness, George | Harper, Sarah | Harris, Charles | Harris, Eleanor | Harris, Grace | Harris, Hugh | Harris, James | Harris, Margaret | Harris, Robert | Harris, Samuel | Harris, Samuel P. | Harris, Thomas | Harrison, Josiah | Hartgren, Thompson | Hartt, David | Hartt, Dinah | Harvey, John | Harvey, Martha | Hay, Reuben | Hayes, Abram | Hart, David Milton | Hayes, David | Hayes, Martha | Hayes, Robert | Hayglen, John | Haynes, Bartholomew | Hayse, Moses | Hearne, George | Henderson, Archibald | Henderson, Elizabeth | Henderson, John | Henderson, John (2) | Henderson, Mary | Henderson, Mary (2) | Henderson, Robert | Henderson, William | Henderson, William (2) | Henderson, William (3) | Henry, James | Herrin, Elizabeth | Herron, Thomas | Herson, Hugh | Hewell, William | Highath, John George | Hill, Robert | Hinard, Robert | Hipp, Stephen | Hipworth, John | Hodge, Francis | Hood, Tunas | Hood, Tunas (2) | Horn, Elias | Hory, John | House, Mark | Houston, Aaron | Houston, George | Houston, Grace | Houston, Hugh | Houston, James | Houston, James Newell | Houston, John | Houston, John (2) | Houston, Levinus | Hudson, Richard | Hunter, Humphrey | Hunter, John | Hunter, John (2) | Hunter, John Sr. | Hunter, Mary | Hutchinson, George | Hutchinson, John

Surnames - IJ - :
Testators: Irvin, Christopher | Irwin, Lydia | Irwin, William | Jack, Patrick | Jackson, Shadrach | Jemison, Arthur | Jemison, Polly | Jemison, Robert Jemison, Thomas | Jetton, Abram | Jetton, Elizabeth | Jetton, Ezekiel | Jetton, Lewis | John, Mary | Johnston, Andrew D. | Johnston, James | Johnston, Robert Grier | Johnston, Samuel | Johnston, William | Johnston, William (2) | Jones, Patience | Julin, Jacob

Surnames - KL - :
Testators: Kendrick, John | Kennedy, Joseph | Kennedy, Thomas | Kennier, John | Kerr, John | Kerr, Joseph | Kerr, Joseph (2) | Kerr, Mary | Kern, Robert | King, William | Kirkpatrick, Hugh | Kirkpatrick, John | Kirkpatrick, Thomas | Kiser, Peter | Kline, Michael | Knighten, Thomas | Knox, Catharine | Knox, James | Knox, John | Knox, John (2) | Knox, Matthew | Knox, Samuel | Kress, NicholasLawson, Margaret | Leany, George | Lees, Jane | Lemmond, James | Lemmond, John | Lemmond, Robert | Leny, Mary | Lewis, Alexander | Lewis, Thomas Liggett, Michael | Linn, James | Linton, Edward | Lipperd, William | Long, Agness | Long, Catherine | Long, Samuel | Love, William | Lowrie, Samuel | Ludwick, Nicholas | Lusk, John

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Surnames - M - N - :
Testators: Manson, David | Manson, William | Martin, Charles | Martin, Eleanor | Martin, James | Martin, James (2) | Martin, John | Mason, Charles | Mason, James | Mason, Richard | Matthews, William | Maxwell, Ann | Maxwell, Robert | Merchant, William | Miller, Abraham | Miller, Andrew | Miller, James | Miller, Philip | Miller, Robert | Millican, William | Mitchell, Henry | Mitchell, Joseph | Moffett, Charles | Moffett, John | Moffet, Robert | Moffitt, David | Moffitt, William | Montgomery, John | Montgomery, John (2) | Montgomery, Robert | Monts, Christian | Moore, David | Moore, David (2) | Moore, Joseph | Moore, Joseph (2) | Moore, Moses | Morgan, Reese | Morris, Hugh | Morris, William | Morrison, Annabella | Morrison, John | Morrison, Mary | Morrison, Neill | Morrison, Robert | Morrow, Elizabeth | Morrow, John | Morrow, Martha | Morrow, Robert | Morton, Robert | Murtland, Robert | | McCafferty, Jeremiah | McCain, Hugh | McCain, Hugh Sr. | McCain, Joseph | McCall, Francis | McCall, James | McCandrick, Patrick | McCleary, Samuel | McClenahan, Robert | McClure, John | McColloh, Elizabeth | McComb, James | McComb, Mary | McCord, James | McCord, John | McCord, Thomas | McCorkel, James | McCorkel, John | McCorkle, Andrew | McCormick, Dennis | McCormick, William | McCree, Andrew | McCree, John | McCree, Robert | McCreem, Rachel | McCreem, Samuel | McCutchins, John | McDowell, Esther | McDowell, John | McDowell, Robert | McDowell, William | McEwen, Hugh | McGill, James | McGouch, Robert | McGuire, James | McHarry, James | McIntire, James | McIntire, John | McIntire, Sarah | McKee, Ambrose | McKee, William | McKibben, Frankey | McKimonan, Daniel | McKinley, Robert | McKnight, James | McKnight, Robert | McMachan, David | McMurry, Sarah | McNeal, Martha | McNeely, John Sr. | McNeely, Rachel | McQuawn, Thomas | McWhorter, Aaron Norris, John

Surnames O - P:
Testators: Pair, John| Parker, Thomas |Parker, Thomas (2) |Parks, David | Parks, George |Parks, Hugh |Parks, John | Parks, John (2) | Parks, Moses |Parton, James |Passer, John |Patterson, Jemima | Patterson, John |Patterson, Margaret |Patton, Charles |Patton, Prudence |Patton, Thomas |Peeples, John Peeples, John (2) | Pellison, William |Pennin, John | Penny, Elizabeth |Perkins, Elizabeth |Perkins, Nancy |Pettus, John D. |Pettus, Violet | Phifer, John |Phifer, Martin |Phillips, Jane |Phillips, Robert | Phillips, William |Pickens, William |Pickens, William (2) | Pitt, Simon Van |Polk, Charles |Polk, John |Polk, Marshall T. | Rorter, Alexander Sr. |Porter, Hugh |Porter, James |Porter, John Sr. |Porter, Ruth |Porter, William |Porter, William (2) |Porter, William Sr. |Posey, Conrad |Potts, Agness |Potts, Elizabeth | Potts, James |Potts, James (2) |Potts, John |Potts, Robert | Potts, William |Preston, James |Price, Elizabeth |Price, Esther | Price, John |Price, John (2) |Price, John (3) |Price, Mary | Price, Reese |Prichard, Daniel | Pringle, James

Surnames Q - R:
Testators:Ramey, William | Ramsey, John | Ramson, John | Ramsour, Henry | Rape, Peter | Rape, Peter (2)| Rape, Peter (3) | Rape, Rezear | Rea, Andrew | Rea, Thomas Sumpter | Redford, John | Reed, John |Reed, Mary |Reel, Augustinus |Reeny, John |Reese, Allen |Reese, David |Reese, Mary |Reid, Hugh | Rhinehardt, Andrew |Rice, Isaac |Richardson, Edward |Ritchie, John | Robinson, David | Robinson, Miles | Robison, Alexander | Robison, Alexander (2) | Robison, Daniel | Robison, Ezekiel | Robison, John | Robison, Mary | Robison, Matthew | Robison, Richard | Robison, Robert | Rodden, Benjamin | Rogers, John | Rogers, John (2) | Rogers, John (3) | Rogers, Joseph| Rogers, Martha | Rogers, Matthew | Ross, Anthony | Ross, George | Ross, James | Ross, Nickelson | Rudasale, Philip | Russell, David | Russell, James | Russell, John | Ryan, Elijah |

Surnames - S - :
Testators:Sale, John|Samle, William |Sassiman, Henry| Sawyer, James |Scott, James |Seaton, Jane |Semison, Samuel | Shaffer, Frederick |Sharpe, Edward |Sharpely, William |Sheifford, George |Shehon, Morris |Shelby, Moses |Short, Abraham |Sibley, Elijah | Sibley, Robert |Simison, James |Simmons, John |Sloan, John |Sloan, Margaret |Sloane, James |Sloan, Robert |Smartt, Elisha |Smartt, Mary |Smiley, Walter |Smith, John |Smith, Joseph |Smith, Matthew |Smith, Samuel |Smith, William | Sower, George | Speem, Kitchen |Spencer, Sarah |Springs, John |Springs, Richard | Springs, Sarah |Sprott, James |Stafford, James |Stark, Moses | Starr, Hannah |Stean, James |Stean, John |Steel, John |Steel, Martin |Steel, Moses |Steel, Samuel |Stewart, Alexander |Stewart, Matthew |Stewart, Robert | Stewart, Thomas | Stinson, Andrew | Stinson, Hugh | Stirk, William | Stitt, William | Summerville, Robert | Swann, John | Swint, William

Surnames - T - :
Testators:Tanner, Joseph |Tanner, Thomas |Taylor, Abraham |Taylor, John |Taylor, John (2) |Taylor, John (3) | Taylor, Mary |Thomas, Benjamin |Thomas, Joseph |Thomas, Rebecca | Thompson, Gideon |Thompson, Jenning |Thompson, John |Thompson, John (2) |Thompson, Sarah |Thompson, Thomas |Todd, John | Todd, John (2) |Todd, Joseph |Todd, William M. |Turner, Abraham

Surnames - U - V - :
Testators:Vance, James L. | Vance, William | Varner, Henry |Varner, James | Varner, John |Varner, Robert | Vinson, William

Surnames - W - Y - :
Testators: Walker, Henry |Walker, Hugh |Walker, James |Walker, James (2) |Walker, John |Walker, Thomas |Wallace, Catharine |Wallace, George |Wallace, John |Wallace, Joseph | Wallace, Matthew |Wallace, William |Wallace, William (2) | Wallis, Alexander |Wallis, Ezekiel | Wallis, James |Waughup, James |Way, James |Weathers, Polly |Weddington, William |Wells, Henry |Weeks, Philip |Wentz, Andrew |West, Martin |White, Robert |Whitesides, David |Whitesides, John |Wier, Thomas |Wilkins, Samuel |Williams, David |Williams, Job |Williams, Micajah | Williamson, Rebecca |Willson, William J. |Wilson, Andrew B. | Wilson, Andrew B. |Wilson, Anne |Wilson, Benjamin |Wilson, Benjamin(2) |Wilson, David |Wilson, James |Wilson, James (2) | Wilson, James (3) |Wilson, Joseph |Wilson, Joseph (2) |Wilson, John |Wilson, John (2) |Wilson, John (3) |Wilson, Margaret | Wilson, Margaret (2) |Wilson, Mrs. |Wilson, Robert |Wilson, Samuel Wilson, Samuel (2) |Wilson, Samuel Jr. |Wilson, Thomas | Wilson, Thomas Sr. |Wishart, Joseph |Wishart, Margaret |Wolf, George |Wolf, Philip |Wood, Matthew |Worsham, John |Wyatt, John | Wylie, John |Wylie, John (2) |Wylie, William |Wyly, James | Wynens, Peter |Yates, Western |Young, James