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Indian Troubles

Meherrin River During 1679 Lewis Williams owned a plantation on the Meherrin River at Lawnes Creek Parish. In 1707 the estate of Lewis Williams involving the home had Indian problems which made it impossible for his family to inhabit the plantation. Three years later, boundary disputes were mentioned concerning the plantation of his son, William Williams. A 1701 deed in Isle of Wight County, Virginia shows that 500 acres of land was sold to Lewis Williams on the Chowanoke River, it being part of a patent granted by William Berkeley to Thomas Woodward Sr. and Thomas Woodward Jr. The date of the patent was September 23, 1663.

Jackson, the Horse Racing Capitol

Sir Archie " Sir Archie" thought to be the greatest thoroughbred in North Carolina history, was sheltered at the Morefield Plantation from 1817 to 1833. Archie was bred while stationed in Northampton and his lineage includes Boston, Lexington, Man O. War, and Timoleon; all were gallant contenders in the international horse-racing realm.

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Jordan family history

Names of Families in Northampton County Wills and Estates

Northampton County Northampton County was created in 1741 by Bertie County. It was named for James Compton, 5th Earl of Northampton. In 1759 parts of Northampton County, Bertie County, and Chowan County were combined to form Hertford County.

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Miscellaneous Wills

  • Williams, Thomas, LWT dated 1815

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