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Soldier from Rockingham in the Battle of Camden

Battle of Camden The Battle of Camden is remembered in history as a major victory for the British. The day of the battle, August 16, 1780, the British forces commanded by Lieutenant General Charles and Lord Cornwallis routed the American forces of Major General Horatio Gates about five miles North of Camden, South Carolina and in the process strengthened the British hold over the Carolinas. Some thought that the battle was ill planned by the American General Horatio Gates. Nonetheless, it was so bad a defeat for the American forces that Gates never commanded another field battle. Peter Crawford of Rockingham County first entered the war in Mecklenburg County, Virginia during 1781 and joined the 4th Virginia regiment under the command of General Gates. They marched first to Ramseys Mill where they had a scrimmage with the Tories. They arrived in Camden on August 15, 1780, the evening before the battle. Before Crawford reached Camden he was detailed to take charge of one of the Baggage wagons for the battle. After this battle he rallied and joined the remnant of his Regiment on the Pee Dee river and marched to Hillsborough where he was discharged after a tour of Service of more than five months. The second time that he entered the service it was in the draft of Capt. Thomas Foulk and joined the regiment of Gloucester at an old field near Yorktown. Crawford remained in service until the surrender of Lord Cornwallis. The Battle of Alamance The Brave General Isaac Gregory of Fairfax Hall Orphan Boy Fights Major Battles during Revolutionary War The Siege of Charleston The Battle of Cross Creek The Treatment of British Prisoners during the Battle of Kings Mountain John Penn, North Carolina Patriot The Battle of Guilford Court House The Battle of Eutaw Springs The Battle of Rockfish Branch on the Cape Fear River Patriots in North Carolina, a Precurser to the American Revolution Minutemen Played a Crucial Roll in the Revolutionary War Villians in the Revolutionary War Every Revolutionary War Pension has a Story An Eyewitness to the Surrender of Lord Cornwallis "Mad" Anthony Wayne Colonel Benjamin Cleaveland, Hero of Kings Mountain

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Map of Rockingham County North Carolina

Old North Carolina Trains

Train Graveyard in a North Carolina Forest

North Carolina Train

Bryson City North Carolina Train

Bryson City North Carolina Train

Rockingham County Wills and Estates

Richardson House, Reidsville

Rockingham county was created in 1785 from Guilford County. It was named for Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd Marquess of Rockingham, British Prime Minister from 1765 to 1766 and again in 1782. During the War Between the States the Searcy and Moore Gun Factory, which was located at Hogans Creek, a small village northwest of Greensboro, supplied weapons to the Confederacy. These rifles were known as the North Carolina Rifles The county seat is Wentworth.

Images of Rockingham County Wills 1804 to 1829 available to members of North Carolina Pioneers

Actor, Andrew |Adams, George |Aldridge, John |Allen, Pattrice |Allen, Valentine |Anderson, John |Andrew, George |Armstrong, John |Atkinson, John |Averton, Ann |Bailey, Abner |Barber, William |Bateman, James |Bates, Samuel |Bethell, William |Betton, James |Black, Elizabeth |Boak, John |Boak, Robert |Boyd, Andrew |Brasher, Asa |Brasher, Jemima |Broades, Michael |Brown, Alexander |Burk, John |Calland, Booker |Carter, Daniel |Chadwell, William |Charters, Charles |Claybrook, Josiah |Coffey, Michael |Conner, Thomas |Covington, John |Cubbins, John |Cunningham, John |Davidson, John |Deatherage, Bird |Denny, Walter |Diamond, Margret |Dilworth, Benjamin |Dilworth, George |Dillworth, John |Dodson, Alsey |Doherty, Samuel |Ellington, Daniel |Fielder, Samuel |Grant, Asa |Griffith, Joseph |Griffith, Zadoc |Guerin, Nathan |Harden, Peter |Hardin, Thomas |Harris, Daniel |Harrison, William |Heather, William |Henderson, Richard |Henderson, Thomas |Hermon, Henry |Herron, John |Herron, Stephen |Hodges, Charles |Hopper, Joseph |Hunter, James |Jarrell, Joshua |Johns, Ezekiel |Johnson, Gideon |Johnson, Gideon Sr. |Johnston, John |Jones, William |King, Lery |King, Thomas |King, Thomas |Kingston, Richard |Lanier, Sampson |Larkin, Thomas |Leachman, John |Leak, Francis |Lee, John Willeby |Lee, Willoughby |Lemons, Joseph |Lillard, Moses |Linch, Hugh |Little, John |Long, Prisse |Lowe, Isaac |Luitz, Adam |Lynn, Jackson |Martin, Alexander |Martin, Andrew |Martin, David |Martin, Isabel |Martin, Robert |Martin, Walter |Massey, Thomas |McClain, Joseph |McKey, John |Means, Robert |Menzies, John |Mills, Sarah |Missarp, William |Moore, Barnett |Moore, Charles |Moore, John |Moore, Samuel |Moore, Sarah |Moore, Thomas |Mullins, Thomas |Murphey, Miles |Nelson, Agnes |Nickels, John |North, Thomas |Patterson, Turner |Patrick, Mary |Perkins, Constant |Powell, Edward |Pratt, Agnes |Ray, James |Read, John |Reagan, John |Rice, Rebecah |Richardson, Edward |Roberts, Chastain |Roberts, Mary |Roberts, Nancy |Roberts, Thomas |Robertson, Mark |Rose, Thomas |Saunders, Susannah |Scales, Henry |Scales, Mary |Scales, Nathaniel |Scales, Pleasant |Scales, Thomas |Sharp, Henry |Short, Moses |Short, William |Smith, Drury |Smith, Gordon |Smith, Mary |Stamps, Joseph |Strong, John Sr. |Stubblefield, Carter |Stubblefield, Hugh |Tatum, Peter |Thomas, John |Thomas, Michael |Tomlin, Elizabeth |Tucker, Daniel |Van Landingham, Richard |Wafford, John |Wafford, John |Walker, John |Walker, John |Walker, Mary |Wall, Zachariah |Wardlow, Patrick |Watkins, Archibald |Whitsett, John |Whitworth, John |Williams, Mary |Woodward, Samuel |Wordlor, Patrick

Miscellaneous Wills

  • Lowe, Isaac, transcript of LWT (1806)