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Reedy Branch Falls

Reedy Branch FallsReedy Branch Falls. In a Land Patent dated 10 April 1761, William Magee was granted 460 acres of land by Governor Arthur Dobbs. The grant was located on the East side of the Little Coheary River near the Reedy Branch. A year later he sold it to Jacob Long, a blacksmith of Caroline County in the Colony of Virginia. There are a number of swamps in the region, viz: Young, Grove and Nohungow Swamps. Source: Sampson County Deed Book 4, page 60.

Sampson County

Genealogy History

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North Carolina Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Sampson, NC
Sampson County was organized in 1784 and taken from neighboring county of Duplin. Land from neighboring Wayne County and New Hanover counties would be annexed later. The settlers were Scotch-Irish immigrants from North Ireland, many of who came to the colony of North Carolina under the protection and inducements of Henry McCulloch, a wealthy London merchant. The community of Taylors Bridge, located about halfway between Clinton and Harrells in lower Sampson County (at the time Duplin County), was one of the earliest European settled areas of the county, with pioneer families living there as early as the 1730s or 1740s. The Swiss from New Bern came into this area during the mid-eighteenth century. The county was named after Lieutenant General John Sampson, the first mayor of Wilmington, North Carolina.

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Indexes to Wills and Estates

  • 1821 to 1860

Images of Sampson County Wills and Estates

  • Bass, Joshua
  • Bell, Robert
  • Blackburn, William
  • Bradshaw, John
  • Brown, Arthur
  • Bunting, David
  • Buttar, Robert
  • Fisher, John
  • Frederick, James
  • Fryers, Jonathan
  • Gaines, Batholomew
  • Gates, John
  • Gates, Mary Ann
  • Godwin, Nathan
  • Gregory, Lott
  • Grigory, Lott
  • Henderson, William
  • Ivey, Thomas
  • Jackson, Richard
  • Johnson, Joshua
  • Kennada, Patrick
  • Lanier, John
  • Lee, Burchet
  • Matthew, Joel
  • Merrit, Gabriel
  • Peterson, Aaron
  • Register, Joseph
  • Ridgeon, Matthew
  • Royal, Owen
  • Stevens, John
  • Strickland, Molly
  • Thornton, Berry
  • Thornton, Nathaniel
  • Thornton, Susannah
  • Treadwell, John
  • Williamson, Wright

William Hooper House
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