North Carolina Pioneers

Cedar Island, North Carolina

Cedar Island Cedar Island has an interesting history. First of all, it was first owned by Ceader Conner of Norfolk County, Virginia. His name later appeared in the records as Kader Conner, which is the Irish pronunciation. Ceader Conner died in 1678 and bequeathed the land to his children. The eldest son, Kedar (junior) who later died in Craven County who had six children then bequeathed it to his eldest son, Lewis Conner. Lewis Conner died in 1758, leaving a last will and testament in Norfolk County, Virginia, specifically naming John Fulcher and Thomas Wishart to handle 840 acres at South Point. A deed dated 18 August 1738 in Norfolk County of Robert Tucker to Samuel Sweeney mentioned South Point from a deed dated 17 Jan 1723 giving rights of the plantation from Lewis Conner, which Conner had acquired from Fulcher. Fulcher had already freed his slaves along the Elizabeth River in 1653. A case filed in the Craven County Superior Court between Thomas Phillips and John Kilpatrick dated the September Term of Court 1795, referenced the last will and testament of one, Lewis Conner, who had died many years earlier in Virginia, the owner of Ceador Island. However, the Norfolk County records were burned by the British, so this will was no longer available. The will was used as proof that the will attended to his (James Phillips) possession of it. Various documents (mostly wills of the Conner heirs for a number of generations) indicated that the land remained in the Conner family for at least up until 1800.

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Cedar Island