North Carolina Pioneers

Battle of Moores Creek

Battle of Moore's Creek
During the Revolutionary War a prominent battle occurred at Moores Creek in North Carolina. The area was inhabited by Scottish settlers, most of whose loyalties were with Great Britain. Strange, because they had lost much of their homeland due to their loyalties for bonnie Prince Charles Stuart. So, about the time of Flora Macdonald who had shielded the prince, a number of families emigrated to America, and waited offshore near North Carolina to be given land grants. This is the group who had settled on Moores Creek. General Gage ordered Lieutenant Colonel Donald MacDonald and Captain Donald McLeod in North Carolina to recruit men for a battalion of the Royal Highland Emigrant Regiment. In January of 1776 Governor Martin issued a proclamation calling upon all loyal subjects to unite and suppress the rebellion in North Carolina. A member of the Flora Macdonald clan was enlisted (Hugh McDonald) as a patriot early in the battle which the patriots won. The key to this win was to hide on the far side of the bridge and fire upon the British as they crossed. Later, after the war Hugh received land grants in Elbert County, Georgia for his services. His telling of his enlistment and battles is worth any historian or genealogist's time, as it give so much! Hence, the Revolutionary War Pensions are essential to any good history or genealogy.

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