Taylorsville Railway Station

The Town of Taylorsville was formed in 1847 and was named in honor of General Zachary Taylor who was fighting in the American war with Mexico at the time. The land for the town was donated by J.M. Bogle who gave 22 acres, William Matheson who gave 13 acres and James James who gave 113-1/4 acres, most of which was woodland. It included a road on the south of town from Statesville to Morganton.

Names of Families in Alexander County Genealogy Records

Alexander County was chartered in 1847 by the North Carolina General Assembly and was taken from portions of Iredell, Caldwell and Wilkes counties. The county was named for William Julius Alexander who was a Speaker of the North Carolina House of Commons.

Miscellaneous Records

  • County Co-Habitation Records 1841 to 1866