Images of Macon County Wills 1869 to 1912

Testators: Berry, Logan; Bingham, Edward; Boynton, Charles; Cabe, J. M.; Cleaveland, Ida; Coffey, Mary; Davison, Thomas; Dawole, Samuel; Downs, Alexander; Farrer, Alice; Franks, James; Hays, Sarah; Hood, James; Howard, John; Johnston, J.; Kilpatrick, Felix; Kinsland, John; Lakey, J. B.; Lang, Sarah; Luther, Charles; May, Mark; Moses, David; Owens, Richard; Pendergrass, Miles; Penland, Jack; Phillips, R. A;. Porter, R. L;. Prioleau, Samuel; Riley, William;Rush, George; Rush, Juliann; Russell, J. R.; Saunders, Curtis; Sellers, Mary; Shope, John; Staton, J. B.; Teague, Martin; Titsworth, Marshall; Trotter, Moses; Vanhook, Charles; Whitner, Joseph Newton

Cleaning Tombstones

To clean a tombstone made of soft natural stone you will need plenty of water, buckets, natural bristle brushes and toothbrushes and non-ionic soaps or detergents. Please do not use wire bristle brushes or metal, acid, clorox, borax or pressure washers as these will damage the stones. The exception is Granite, limestone, sandstone or marble stones where you can use some more abrasive cleaners and pressure washers as long as the stone itself is in stable condition. I have never used a water pressure on the cemeteries which I have cleaned, simply because I do not wish to take the chance of losing information. Also, the engravings are to be considered. To remove calcium deposits in the engravings, a heavy duty non-metallic scouring paid should do it, then scrub it thoroughly with a detergent. For bronze stones, remember that they are mounted flat and so will holding standing water and debris. These plaques already have a factory-applied lacquer coating to seal the appearance. Best to use the natural bristle brushes.

Names of Families in Macon County Genealogy, Wills, Estates

Macon County lies in the Southern Appalachians, in the western corner of North Carolina. It was part of the Cherokee Nation until 1819, when the Cherokees signed the Treaty of Washington, ceding their lands as far west as the Nantahala ridge. The Treaty with the Cherokee indians was ignored and they were disowned of their lands. As a result, in 1828 the county was part of Haywood County and the old Macon County included most of the present-day county and parts of Jackson, Swain and Transylvania Counties. County Seat is Franklin, North Carolina.

Wills and Probate Records available to members of North Carolina Pioneers

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Wills 1869 to 1912
  • Wills 1912 to 1927

Digital Images of Macon County Wills 1830 to 1867(surviving images)

  • Lamb, Nancy
  • McDonnell, Thomas
  • Norris, Isaac
  • Patton, Mary
  • Scott, Hilary
  • Wils, John

Will you Recognize a Photo of your Great-Grandmother?

There are memories simply too precious to forget. Too soon do little children grow up and forget the elder relatives. Yet, as we age, there remains dribbles of information. Somewhere in the conclave of our thoughts lies precious information. If only we could tap it. Have you noticed how elderly citizens review these moments in the declining years, preferring the good times. I see my sisters as they were when we were playing in the yard, but somewhere in that memory lies a fleeting picture of my dear old great-grandmother asking me to thread a needle. One day I found a vaguely familiar face in an old black-and-white photograph and it came to me! That was her! I had traced her lineage back several hundred years, but did not remember her. Now I could. What a pleasure it is to find her alas! It seems that just about everyone has a batch of unidentified photos.

Boundary Changes in Colonial Days

In this instance, Stephen Redmond, was born in Virginia and preached in that portion of North Carolina which became Washington County, Tennessee, and died in Macon County. He was a soldier in the American Revolutionary War for which he received a pension.